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Issue 132 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 132 - June 2012 (1st Edition)

Pages in this issue:
    1. Spurious First Aid Advice Message - Eggs For Treatment of Burns
    2. ANZ Bonus Reward Points Phishing Scam
    3. London Olympics 2012 Lottery Scam
    4. Images Of Strange Mermaid Found On Beach
    5. Walmart '$75 Credit for Customers' Phishing Scam
    6. American Express 'Verify User ID' Malware Email
    7. Postcard Campaign for Charlie - Please DO NOT Send Any More Cards
    8. Norton 'Protection Notification' Email Account Phishing Scam
    9. Domain Name Application Scam
    10. Immigration Quote Wrongly Attributed to Sir Edmund Barton