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Issue 146 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 146 - January 2013

Pages in this issue:
    1. Hoax Warning: Lost Child Lure - 'New Way for Gang Members to Rape Women'
    2. Destiny Valle Facebook Page Hacker 'Warning'
    3. Dog 'Capitán' Sleeps At Owner's Grave
    4. Criminals Use Names of Lottery Winners Adrian and Gillian Bayford in Advance Fee Scams
    5. Neil Tennant is NOT Dead
    6. Westpac 'Credit Card Suspended' Phishing Scam
    7. Hoax - Julia Gillard Tells Muslims To Adapt or Leave
    8. New US Presidential Coins Omit "In God We Trust"?
    9. Fake NSW Police Warning - Tracking Devices Placed on Cars
    10. False Protest Message Claims Picture Shows 500 Christians Burned By Muslim Terrorists
    11. Jason Derulo is NOT Dead
    12. Did Peter Garrett Present a Novel Alternative for The Dingo Problem?
    13. Sun Powered Key Ring Tracking Device Hoax
    14. Telstra Bill Account Update Phishing Scam
    15. RuneScape 'Real World Trading Account Notice' Phishing Scam