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Issue 150 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 150 - March, 2013 (2nd Edition)

Pages in this issue:
  1. Starving Children Facebook Share Hoax
  2. AOL Password Phishing Scam - 'TJ2117 Virus Detected'
  3. Is Sour Sop a Cancer Killer 10,000 times Stronger Than Chemotherapy?
  4. Protest Message - Live 'Tortoise' Souvenirs Sold in China
  5. Westpac '3 Incorrect Logins' Phishing Scam
  6. Hoax - Eating Shrimp and Taking Vitamin C Can Cause Death by Arsenic Poisoning
  7. Bogus Facebook Giveaway - 'Free GHD Straighteners'
  8. Hoax - 'Pope Comes Out as Gay'
  9. Survey Scam - 'Malfunctioning Online Store Giving Free iPads'
  10. 'Toasted Skin Syndrome' From Laptop Warning
  11. Xbox 720 Bogus Facebook Giveaway
  12. Free PlayStation 4 For Testers Survey Scam
  13. Delta Air Lines Passenger Itinerary Receipt Malware Emails
  14. Marcia's Story - Google Checkout Vehicle Sale Scam
  15. Missing Girl Laura Clark Has now Been Found
  16. Goole Yorkshire Coloured Stickers Dog Fighting Hoax
  17. KFC 'Genetically Manipulated Organisms' Hoax
  18. Justin Bieber did NOT Die in a Car Crash
  19. False Claim - Colour of Squares on Tubes Denotes Chemical Content
  20. Facebook Page 'Violation of Terms' Phishing Scam
  21. Amber Teething Necklaces - Suspect SIDS 'Warning'
  22. Signs That May Help Identify a Dating Scam
  23. Misleading Warning about Missed Calls From +375 and +371 Numbers
  24. Rihanna 'S3X' Tape Survey Scam Messages Hit Facebook
  25. BT Yahoo 'Final Warning' Phishing Scam
  26. Perth Dog Fighting Gang 'Coloured Stickers' Hoax

Issue 150