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Issue 153 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 153 - May 2013 (1st Edition)

Pages in this issue:
  1. Golden Zebra Photograph
  2. Facebook 'Account May Not Be Authentic' Phishing Scam
  3. Tick Removal Advice - Liquid Soap Technique
  4. Craigslist Overpayment Scam Warning Message
  5. Telstra Bill Account Update Phishing Scam
  6. Fake Cover-More Insurance Emails Carry Malware
  7. Circulating Picture Falsely Claims to Show Eight Year Old Boston Bombing Victim
  8. Madeleine McCann New Zealand Lookalike Facebook Post
  9. Facebook Page Hacker Warning Message - "Visit The New Facebook" Links
  10. Hoax - Facebook Shutting Down on May 15, 2013
  11. 'Personal Assistant' Money Laundering Scam

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