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Hoax - Julia Gillard Admits Being in A Lesbian Relationship

Circulating image purportedly shows an old article clipping in which Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard states that she understands homosexual rights because she is in a lesbian relationship.

Facebook Survey Scam - Get a Costco Gift Card for Free

Message appearing on Facebook claims that users can get free Costco Gift Cards just by following a link.

Facebook Survey Scam - Eat for Free at CheeseCake Factory

Message appearing on Facebook claims that users can eat at the Cheesecake Factory for free by following a link to claim a gift card.

Hoax Chain Letter - The Vengeful Ghost of Carmen Winstead

Circulating message tells the story of teenager Carmen Winstead who supposedly died after being pushed into a sewer by school bullies. The message claims that Carmen's ghost returned to exact revenge on the bullies and continues to come back and kill those who do not resend her story.

JB Hi-Fi Facebook Survey Scam

Messages being posted on Facebook claim that users can get free JB Hi-Fi vouchers just by clicking a link.

Hoax: HIV Infected Blood In Pepsi

Circulating messages warn people not to drink Pepsi because a Pepsi worker has contaminated bottles with his HIV infected blood.

Hoax - Cell Phone Numbers Go Public This Month

Message warns recipients that cell phone numbers are set to be released to telemarketing companies this month and that consumers will be charged for incoming calls from these companies. The message urges people to register on the Do Not Call list to have their cell phone numbers blocked from such calls.

American Airlines Flight Ticket Order Malware Emails

Emails purporting to be ticket order notifications from American Airlines claim that the recipient can follow a link or open an attachment to print out airline tickets.

Popular Articles

Elephant 'Road Rage' in South Africa

Circulating message claims that a series of attached photographs depict a case of South African road rage in which a large elephant pushed a car off the side of a rural road and subsequently flipped it over.

Craigslist Account Phishing Scam

Emails, purportedly from online classifieds website Craigslist, claim that the recipient's Craigslist account has been blocked and he or she must follow links in the messages to confirm account details.

Decorative Magnets on Refrigerators - Cancer Warning Hoax

Warning message claims that researchers at Princeton University have discovered that electromagnetic radiation from decorative magnets stuck to refrigerator doors "radiated" the food inside thereby massively increasing the probability of cancer in test mice used in the study.

Delta Air Lines Passenger Itinerary Receipt Malware Emails

Email purporting to be from Delta Air Lines provides details of a supposed ticket purchase and instructs recipients to follow a link to review flight information.

ABSA Phishing Scam Emails

Emails purporting to be from South African bank, ABSA, claim that recipients must validate their Banking Profile or confirm their identity by following links in the messages.

Bogus MADD Petition

Email petition that claims to be sponsored by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) asks recipients to sign the message and send it to others.

Hotel Key Card Security Risk Hoax

Email forward claims that sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers is routinely encoded on electronic hotel key cards and this represents a security risk to hotel guests.

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