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Issue 161 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 161 - September 2013 (1st Edition)

  1. Michelin Global Grant Program Advance Fee Scam
  2. Nonsensical Hoax - Fungus Shiue Share Image to Get Money in Four Days
  3. Western Union Mystery Shopper Money Laundering Scam
  4. Viral Image Depicts Woman Holding Gun to A Baby's Head
  5. Phishing Scam - 'Account Reported for Annoying and Insulting Facebook Users'
  6. Security Warning Message - Black Device Connected to Keyboard
  7. Phishing Email Masquerades as 'Trojan Virus' Infection Warning
  8. Westpac 'New Confirmation Form' Phishing Scam
  9. Hate Letter Targets Autistic Teen and His Family
  10. Facebook Team Security 2013 Phishing Scam - 'Last Warning - Your Account Will Be Disabled'
  11. Malicious Hoax Falsely Claims Leicester Pub Bans British Soldiers
  12. Circulating Message Claims a Dog Died after Playing With a Poisoned Filled Nerf Football
  13. JetBlue Vacation Giveaway Like Farming Scam
  14. Suncorp Bank 'New Database Transfiguration' Phishing Scam
  15. Facebook Warning Claims Pedigree Dry Dog Food Killed Dogs
  16. Missing Teen Devon Ward Has Been Located and is Safe
  17. Plea to Help Find Homes for 52 Thoroughbred Horses
  18. Delta Airlines Survey Scam
  19. Tekeisha's Story - Identity Theft

Hoax-Slayer Newsletter issue 161 Evgeniy Bazurov