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Issue 164 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 164 - October 2013 (2nd Edition)

  1. Qantas Job Offer Scam Email
  2. Adam Sandler Snowboarding Death Hoax - Adam is STILL not Dead
  3. Death Age Facebook 'Virus' Warning
  4. Facebook Money For Likes Hoax - Baby With Many Cuts on Face
  5. Virgin Australia Like-Farming Scam
  6. Payment Slip Confirmation Malware Email
  7. American Express 'Unusual Activity' Phishing Scam
  8. Fake Water Bottles Airport Drug Smuggling Warning
  9. Hoax - HIV Needles Hidden Under Gas Pump Handles
  10. 'Secutiry Info' Phone Phishing Scam
  11. Unsubstantiated Facebook Rumour - Lance K***** Paedophile Warning
  12. FBI is NOT Searching for Woman Flipping Baby in Viral Video
  13. Motrin Infant Drops Recall
  14. iPhone 6 Like-Farming Scam
  15. WhatsApp 'Will Become Chargeable' Blue Logo Hoax
  16. Mother Teresa Novena Chain Email
  17. IRS 'Invalid File Alert' Malware Email
  18. Seemingly Pointless Spam with No Links or Payload
  19. Circulating Health Warning: Beware of Little White and Black Caterpillarse

Hoax-Slayer Newsletter issue 164 Artur Marciniec