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Issue 169 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 169 - January, 2014 (1st Edition)

  1. Satire - 'Girl Suicides after Justin Bieber Beached Whale Comments'
  2. Nigerian Government 'Office Refunding Today' Phishing Scam
  3. Kroger 'Free Gift Card' Survey Scam
  4. AT&T 'You Have a New Voice Mail' Malware Email
  5. Rockstar Energy Drink Car Decal Wrapping Money Laundering Scam
  6. Vodafone 'Check Your Bill Online" Phishing Scam
  7. 'Christmas Internet Virus' Warning
  8. Hoax - '9 Year Old Suspended From School for Saying Merry Christmas'
  9. Centrelink App Privacy Warning Message
  10. Can a Positive Home Pregnancy Test Indicate Testicular Cancer?

Hoax-Slayer Newsletter issue 169 nupix