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Issue 174 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 174 - March, 2014 (2nd Edition)

  1. MALWARE - 'Suspicion of Cancer' Blood Test Results Email
  2. Facebook Survey Scam - 'Malaysian MH370 Plane Found In Bermuda Triangle'
  3. Faux Image - 'Wild Hogfish' or 'Pig-nosed Fish'
  4. HOAX - 'Dinosaur Egg Hatches In Berlin Museum'
  5. HOAX - Volat-Araneus, The Flying Spider
  6. NONSENSE - 'McDonalds Using Human Meat'
  7. 'End of Windows XP Support' Popup Messages
  8. Theme Park Accident Phishing and Survey Scam
  9. Microsoft Account 'Outlook Web Access' Phishing Scam
  10. HOAX - Facebook 'No Religion Campaign'
  11. Back to the Future Arrival Time Prank
  12. 'Ignore if u Don't Care' Facebook Donations for Likes Hoax
  13. Hoax - 'Instagram Randomly Deleting Accounts'
  14. Overblown Facebook Warning - 'Do Not Open Any PM's From Anyone!'
  15. PayPal 'Cancel Payment' Phishing Scam
  16. HOAX - Facebook 'No Swearing Campain'
  17. HOAX - 'Deadly Snow Snake' Image
  18. BMW 435i Giveaway Like-Farming Scam
  19. 'Friend Request From Someone You Are Already Friends With' Alert Message

Hoax-Slayer Newsletter issue 174 Violka08