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Issue 175 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 175 - April, 2014 (1st Edition)

  1. 'Homicide Suspect' Malware Email - Fake Critical Reach Alert
  2. TRUE - Razor Blades Found on Playground Equipment in East Moline
  3. Spurious Health Claim - 'Asparagus Can Cure Cancer'
  4. Google Drive Email Phishing Scam
  5. Eerie Pre-911 Ad for Pakistan International Airlines Features Twin Towers with Plane Silhouette
  6. Like-Farming Video Scam - 'Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Found in Forest'
  7. 'Eagle Snatching Kid' Viral Video is Fake
  8. HOAX - 'Google Earth Finds SOS From Woman Stranded on Deserted Island'
  9. 'All Paid For Disney World Vacation' Like-Farming Scam
  10. Telstra BigPond 'Re-validate Account' Phishing Email
  11. No, Energy Drinks Do NOT Contain Bull Sperm
  12. Viral Video Showing UFO Emerging From Behind Cloud
  13. BMW M3 Giveaway Like-Farming Scam
  14. HOAX - Malaysia Airlines 'Lose Yourself' Advertisement
  15. Actor Wayne Knight is NOT Dead

Hoax-Slayer Newsletter issue 175 gunnar3000