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Issue 78 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 78: December, 2007

This month in Hoax-Slayer
  1. Visa & MasterCard Telephone Credit Card Scam
  2. Cave of Giant Crystals
  3. Puppy Giveaway Advance Fee Scam
  4. Travis Barker Death Hoax
  5. Robber Eaten By 'Alligator' Photographs
  6. Freemasons' Grant Scam Email
  7. Sumatra Island Tsunami Wave Photograph Hoax
  8. Ron Mueck Sculpture Photographs
  9. Giant Rabbit Photographs
  10. Progesterex - Sterility Date Rape Drug Hoax
  11. Pictures of Lightning Striking a Plane in Japan
  12. John Gebhardt Holding Injured Baby in Iraq
  13. Record Alberta Whitetail Deer Photographs
  14. World Record Size 'Piranha' Photographs
  15. Marzipan Frosting Babies Hoax Email
  16. Red Arrows Olympic Ban Petition
  17. Anzhela - Russian Dating Scammer


New Newsletter Format:
Over the past few months, the newsletter component of Hoax-Slayer has become somewhat pot-bound. With an increasing number of new articles published each month, many of them with multiple images, the newsletter has now become too big to fit on a single web page.
Pot Bound Newsletter
If a web page becomes too big, it can load too slowly, especially for dial-up users, and becomes increasingly difficult to navigate. To solve these problems, I have now established a brand new format for the newsletter.

From this issue on, each newsletter article will load in its very own web page! As previously, you will be able to quickly jump to any article you would like to read from the content menu or, alternatively, just read each item in turn. Content menus located at the top and bottom of each article allow you to easily navigate to any article in the issue. Or you can read each newsletter item in turn by clicking the "Next Article" link at the top and bottom of every page.

This new format will allow me to include more articles in every issue, and I'm confident that it will significantly enhance your user experience.