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Issue 79 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 79: February, 2008

This month in Hoax-Slayer
  1. Mobile Phone Tips Things You Never Knew Your Mobile Phone Could Do
  2. Storm Photographs
  3. General Cosgrove Radio Interview Hoax
  4. IRS Tax Refund Phishing Scam
  5. Starbucks Lack of Support For Iraq Troops Rumor
  6. Charging a Mobile Phone with Peepal Leaves
  7. Donate to Autism Research by Watching a Video
  8. Photobucket MySpace Comment Virus Warning
  9. Scam Victims Reimbursements Programme Scam
  10. Kevin Carter Pulitzer Prize Photograph
  11. Facebook Deleting Inactive Users Hoax
  12. Cell Phone Charging Danger Warning Email
  13. Oscar Mayer Does Not Support The War Hoax
  14. An Overview of Phishing

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