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Issue 81 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 81: April, 2008

This month in Hoax-Slayer:
  1. Mail Server Report Life is Beautiful Virus Hoax
  2. Bump Car MS-13 Gang Initiation Warning
  3. Swimming in the Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls
  4. Visa Personal Password Phishing Scam
  5. Mia Heyns Make-A-Wish Foundation Hoax
  6. Our Lady of Guadalupe Chain Email
  7. Heineken Beer Company Promotion Scam
  8. Person On The Bridge Hoax Email
  9. Snake Caught in Spider's Web Photographs
  10. F-15 Crash Sequence Images
  11. Redneck Mansion Photograph
  12. Interpol Funds Recovery Scam
  13. Siamese Pike Photograph
  14. Seventeen Pound Russian Baby Photographs
  15. Heathrow Boeing 777 Crash - RF Interference Rumour

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The Windows Registry is one of the most important components of your computer's operating system. The registry is a vast central database that is used to store a great deal of critical information about installed applications, hardware settings, user preferences and a lot more.

When you make Control Panel changes, alter system policies, adjust file associations, or tweak user settings, information about your changes is likely to be stored in the Windows Registry. Also, when you install or uninstall software or add hardware devices, the registry will usually be modified during the process. The registry's job is to store this very complex and varied array of data in one place so that it can be readily accessed by your computer system as required. Thus, the Windows Registry is vital for the efficient operation of your computer.

Unfortunately, the very complexity of the registry means that it tends to develop errors and inconsistencies and become more and more bloated over time. Remnants can be left in the registry when you uninstall software. Spyware or other malicious programs may insert entries into your registry without your knowledge. Unused drivers may add unnecessary clutter to the registry.

Registry problems can lead to system crashes, sudden freezes, and sluggish performance. A poorly maintained registry can severely degrade the overall performance of your computer. Thus, keeping your registry clean and efficient should be an important aspect of your regular computer maintenance schedule.

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An outstanding feature of this program is that it is very easy to use, even for those new to computing. Like other PC Tools software, Registry Mechanic has an elegant and intuitive user interface and clear and comprehensive help files.

I regularly use Registry Mechanic on my system and have found that it is very stable software, and does a superlative job of maintaining my registry in optimal condition. I view Registry Mechanic as a vital addition to my collection of computer maintenance and security tools and I am proud to be an affiliate for this product.

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As noted above, I am an affiliate for Registry Mechanic. For more information, please refer to my Affiliate Marketing Policy