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Issue 96 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 96: October, 2009

This month in Hoax-Slayer:
  1. Cadbury Products - Halal Certification Authority Logo Protest Email
  2. First Address Book Entry Virus Control Hoax
  3. Australian Flag Lapel Pin Story - Response to Muslim Woman's Checkout Criticism
  4. Good Old Macca's - McDonald's Australia "Leave Out Items" Memo Hoax
  5. Microsoft, Yahoo, Google Lottery Scam
  6. Spider Under Florida Toilet Seat Hoax
  7. Obama Muslim Stamp - USPS Muslim Holiday Stamp Release Protest Message
  8. Request for New Home for Labradors Cookie and Coco
  9. Image of the North Pole With the Moon at its Closest Point
  10. USS New York Built With World Trade Center Steel
  11. Nine Zero Hash Phone Scam Hoax
  12. Nicotine in Tim Hortons Coffee Hoax
  13. Paypal Primary Email Address Change Phishing Scam