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Storm Photographs

Message that includes a series of spectacular storm photographs claims that they depict the beginning of Hurricane Katrina (Full commentary below).

False – Images are genuine, but only the last is associated with Katrina.

Example:(Submitted, January 2007)


These pictures were taken by a man in Magee, MS where the eye of the storm passed through - what an experience. Magee is 150 miles North of Waveland, Mississippi where the Hurricane made land fall.

Worth passing on!!!

The dance with Katrina, part of her beauty as she left destruction on her exit. They are remarkably dramatic.

Storm Photogaph 1 Storm Photogaph 1 Storm Photogaph 1 Storm Photogaph 1 Storm Photogaph 1 Storm Photogaph 1

The following picture was taken from the third story balcony of Saint Stanislaus College located next door to Our Lady of the Gulf church in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi on the morning of August 29th, 2005. This is believed to be the initial tidal wave from Hurricane Katrina. The tidal wave was approximately 35 to 40 feet high. When it slammed into the beach front communities of Bay Saint Louis and Waveland Mississippi to completely destroy 99% of every structure along the beach for 9 miles and over a mile inland. The destruction only started there. The flooding that continued ! inland destroyed the contents of all but 35 homes in these two communities of approximately 14,000 people.

Katrina Storm Surge

Can you imagine holding your camera steady enough to take these photos

Click here to view larger versions of these photographs

According to the description that accompanies this series of six fabulous storm photographs, they show Hurricane Katrina as it approached the town of Magee, Mississippi in August 2005. The message also claims that a seventh photograph shows a tidal wave generated by Katrina just before it inundated the coastline at Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. Although the photographs are all genuine, the accompanying description is completely untrue.

The six photographs in the first part of the message do not depict Hurricane Katrina nor were they taken in Mississippi. These compelling storm photographs were taken by storm chaser Mike Hollingshead, in the American states of Nebraska and Kansas during 2004. The photographs show several storms that occurred at different times in different areas. None of the images depict an approaching hurricane.

All of the images and many more are available on Extreme Instability, Mike Hollingshead’s website. The following list provides details about each of the six storm photographs in turn. Click the corresponding caption to view the image in its original context on Extreme Instability.

Supercell near North Loup Nebraska, July, 2004

Supercell on Highway 12 Nebraska, May 2004

Tornadoes, Kansas May 2004

Storm near Alvo Nebraska, June 2004

Supercell at Sioux City Nebraska, May 2004

Supercell on Highway 12 Nebraska, May 2004

While the seventh photograph in the message is actually related to Hurricane Katrina, it does not depict a tidal wave as described nor was it taken in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. Bay Saint Louis, including Saint Stanislaus College, was indeed devastated by a massive storm tide during Katrina, but the photograph does not show that event. In fact, the picture shows a storm surge generated by Katrina overflowing a levee near the Paris Road bridge in New Orleans. According to an article on, the storm surge photograph and others in the same sequence were taken from a nearby power plant by manager, Don McClosky. The photograph can be seen in its original context on

An in-depth analysis of the photograph on another website notes:
When most people first see this photo, They assume that they are looking a large, tsunami-like wave, surging down the MRGO towards St. Bernard. However, if you look closely at the picture, you can see that this is clearly not the case. What we are seeing here is water overflowing the north levee of the MRGO/Intra-coastal canal, directly under the Paris Road bridge.
The website also features other photographs taken in the same location after the storm has passed. They clearly reveal that the "tidal wave" photograph was indeed taken in New Orleans, not Bay Saint Louis or elsewhere.

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Extreme Instability
Awesome pictures document levee breach that flooded St. Bernard, N.O. East
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Last updated: 16th November 2009
First published: 10th January 2008

Write-up by Brett M. Christensen

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