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Email Rumour - Keith Urban Asks Canadians to Leave a Concert

Emails claims that country music star Keith Urban asked all Canadian audience members to leave his performance at the Minot Fair because they were not fighting with US troops (Full commentary below).

Baseless rumour

Example:(Submitted September 2006)

Subject: Keith Urban - This is horrible and very insulting!

Keith Urban is off my play list - WHAT AN ASS !!!

This big shot western singer asked all Canadians to stand up at the Minot (N.D.) Fair, after everyone stood up, he asked them all to leave the stands before he would sing because they were not helping out fighting with USA troops.

He is a New Zealander by birth (1967), then grew up in Australia (from 1969) and finally in 1992 moving and living in Nashville. Becoming an other imported brainwashed yankie.

Pass this around and see how his record sales do in Canada.

Also, Garth Brooks donated 1 million to keep Canadian cattle out of the USA.

I guess this just confirms that Americans are ignorant to any other humans in the world other than themselves. Just recently 8 Canadian Soldiers died and I believe some died of yet another American mistake.

This message claims that country star Keith Urban requested all Canadians in his audience at a recent concert to leave because Canadians "were not helping out fighting with USA troops". According to the message, the incident occurred at the Minot, North Dakota State Fair. Urban played a concert at the fair on 21st July 2006. The rumour spread rapidly via email, online forums and blogs.

However, there is no credible information of any kind to support the far-fetched claims in the message. Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman are high profile celebrities and live their lives under intense media scrutiny. If true, the incident described in the message would have invoked a media frenzy. Various media outlets across the planet would have almost certainly covered the story. It is vastly improbable that such a "juicy" story would have been ignored by celebrity journalists. In fact, the only mention of the rumour is in the rather breathless email forward included here, in fan forums and gossipy blog posts.

Moreover, shortly before the alleged incident, Urban performed in Canada itself. On July 13 2006, Keith performed as part of a music festival for the Bayfest Weekend in Sarnia, Ontario. A few months earlier, in November 2005 he played in Hamilton Ontario.

If Urban felt so strongly about Canada's non-participation in the Iraq conflict that he asked Canadians to leave a concert, then it is highly improbable that he would have actually performed in Canada itself. Musicians sometimes refuse to play certain venues because of their political beliefs, but they do not single out specific members of an audience and ask them to leave. No professional entertainer is likely to instigate such a ridiculous and self-destructive stunt, regardless of his or her political leanings.

Another strong indication that the rumour is false is that comparable, and equally untrue, claims have been levelled against other musicians in the past. A similar unfounded rumour from 2005 claimed that US country singer Toby Keith refused to start a concert before all Canadians had left the venue. Although Toby's "defiantly patriotic" lyrics and opinions have occasionally caused some controversy in music circles, there are no credible reports to back up claims that he asked Canadian audience members to leave a performance.

An even earlier rumour accuses British performer Phil Collins of anti-Semitism and claims that he asked all Jewish audience members to leave a concert. Collins has vehemently denied the claims. According to, yet another version of the story claims that the late country singer John Denver once asked audience members who were Jehovah's Witness's to leave a performance.

As well as its claims about Keith Urban, the message also states that Garth Brooks "donated 1 million to keep Canadian cattle out of the USA". However, I could find no reports to backup this vague and irrelevant claim.

In short, this story is a load of nonsense that unfairly maligns Keith Urban and the other artists that have been targeted. Spreading baseless gossip of this nature serves only to make the sender appear foolish.

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Last updated: 13th March 2010
First published: 29th September 2006

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen