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Kleneus66 Virus Hoax


Message warns that an email that includes little red shoes dancing and offers the recipient a thousand free songs actually contains the Kleneus66 virus which will destroy the hard drive on the infected computer.

Brief Analysis

The warning is a hoax. There is no virus like the one described in the message and it should not be forwarded. The hoax is an English version of a hoax written in Portuguese that began circulating in 2003.


[English version]:
Subject: Kleneus66

I just received this from a friend !!! PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT,VERY IMPORTANT FOR US,OK?


It is good to prevent!


Someone is sending around an e-mail with little red shoes dancing: it is a very cheerful song. In the email, are offered over a thousand songs. Do not download anything. It is the virus Kleneus66! If you open the file in two hours your HD will be clean and completely destroyed.

VERY CAREFULLY! Do not download this file under any circumstance.

This virus was released yesterday and according to YouTube, there is NOT yet available antivirus against Kleneus66.

Please pass this message to everyone on your list of emails ...

[Portuguese version]:

Alguém está mandando por aí um e-mail com uns sapatinhos vermelhos dançando é uma musica bem alegre. No e-mail são oferecidas mais de mil musicas. Não baixe nada. É o vírus Kleneu66. Se você abrir o arquivo em DUAS HORAS seu HD estará limpo e completamente destruído. MUITO CUIDADO!!!!! Não dê download deste arquivo em nenhuma circunstância! Este vírus entrou em circulação ontem e segundo a AOL, NÃO há antivírus disponível ainda contra o Kleneu66.

Por favor, passe essa mensagem para todas as pessoas de sua lista de e-mail. Se você receber o arquivo já sabe o que fazer: NÃO BAIXE E NÃO ABRA.

Detailed Analysis

According to this message, Internet users should watch out for an email that contains little red shoes dancing to a cheerful song. Supposedly, the email offers the recipient one thousand free songs via a link in the email or an attached file. The message claims that downloading the file will launch the Kleneus66 virus, which will wipe all files from the infected computer and completely destroy its hard drive.

However, the claims in the message are untrue. There is not, nor has there ever been, a virus like the one described in this email. In fact, the message is a hoax that has been circulating in various forms since 2003. The hoax originally circulated in Portuguese but was apparently later translated to English. Earlier versions of the hoax referred to the supposed virus as "Kleneu66" rather than "Kleneus66".

While some viruses may be able to delete or damage files, there is no virus, worm or malware that can physically destroy the hard drive on an infected computer. Such false claims have been featured in a number of similar virus hoaxes, including the Virtual Card For You Virus Hoax and several of its later variants.

Internet users should certainly be cautious of opening attachments or following links in unsolicited emails that promise free music, videos or information. Such ruses are commonly used to distribute worms and malware. However, forwarding false warning such as this will help nobody. Before sending on a virus warning it is important to check that the warning is accurate and describes a real and current threat.

If you receive this hoax virus warning, please do not send it on to others. And please help to stop its further distribution by informing the sender that the message is a hoax.

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Last updated: 20th September 2010
First published: 20th September 2010
Article written by Brett M. Christensen