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  • UNFOUNDED - 'Kinder Joy Contains Wax Coating That Can Cause Cancer'
    Circulating warning claims that children's chocolate treat, Kinder Joy contains a wax coating that can cause cancer. It further claims that Styrofoam containers also have a wax coating.

    Updated: July 27, 2015

  • Jetstar '11th Birthday First Class Flights Giveaway' Facebook Scam
    This Facebook post, which comes from a Page that claims to be associated with Australian airline, Jetstar, is supposedly offering the chance to win first class flights plus $10,000 spending money to users who like, share, and comment.

    Published: July 27, 2015

  • Six Genuine Images That Are Often Mistaken For Hoaxes
    Here we list six circulating stories that feature real images that are often prematurely dismissed as fake.

    Published: Last updated: July 25, 2015

  • 'Know Who Viewed Your Profile' Facebook Scam
    For years, Facebook users have been plagued by scam messages claiming that they can find out who has been viewing their profiles.

    Updated: July 27, 2015

  • Fake-News Report Claims Man Found With 30 Cow Eyeballs in Anus
    According to a report that is currently circulating the interwebs at speed, police who pulled over a motorist in Wyoming discovered that the man had 30 cow eyeballs inserted in his anal cavity.

    Published: July 27, 2015

  • Facebook Page Hacker Warning Message - 'Visit The New Facebook' Links
    Message warns users that have a Page on Facebook to watch out for links with the words 'Visit The New Facebook' because following such links will allow a hacker to steal their information.

    Published: July 25, 2015

  • MBNA 'Unauthorized Payment Attempts' Phishing Scam
    According to this email, which purports to be from 'Online Card Services' at credit card provider MBNA, access to your card account has been limited to protect you against further unauthorized payment attempts. The email instructs you to 'download' and complete an attached form to remove the limits placed on the account.

    Published: July 25, 2015

  • Four Ways That Fake-News Sites Trick People Into Believing and Sharing
    Many fake-news websites have appeared online in recent years. And more seem to be springing up all the time. Between them, they manage to churn out a seemingly endless stream of drivelling nonsense, at least some of which gets shared far and wide via social media. So how do such sites trick people into believing and sharing their nonsensical stories?

    Published: July 24, 2015

  • Phishing Scam - 'Account Reported for Annoying and Insulting Facebook Users'
    Message claiming to be from "Security The Facebook Team" warns recipients that their account has been reported for violating Facebook policies. Users are told that they must click a link to reconfirm their account within12 hours or the account will be disabled.

    Updated: July 22, 2015

  • Delixi Consults 'Payment Assistant' Job Offer Scam
    According to this email, a Chinese based company called 'Delixi Consults' would like to hire you as a payment assistant. Your job tasks, claims the message, would involve collecting customer checks and money orders, processing them via your bank account, and wiring the proceeds back to Delixi Consults via international money transfer.

    Published: July 22, 2015

  • False Claim - Colour of Squares on Tubes Denotes Chemical Content
    Circulating message claims that consumers can tell the chemical makeup of tube contents just by checking the colour of a small square at the bottom of the packaging.

    Updated: July 22, 2015

  • Electricity Bill Phone Scams
    Scammers posing as utility company staff are tricking people into giving them money via pre paid debit cards.

    Published: July 22, 2015

  • 'Exceptive Deduction for You' Malware Email
    According to this 'trade announcement' email, the sending company is going out of business and, as one of the company's ' best frequenters' you can take advantage of a final 70% off sale. The message urges you to open an attached file to view a priceless and access an 'identificational number' that you can produce to get your discount.

    Published: July 21, 2015

  • Mexican Largest Flower in the World Photo - 'Blooms Once Every Forty Years'
    Circulating message claims that an attached photograph shows a flower in Mexico that is the largest in the world and only blooms once every forty years for four days.

    Updated: July 21, 2015

  • 5 Current Facebook Scams To Watch Out For
    Facebook is a perfect venue for scammers to distribute their malicious messages and find new victims. Here are five current Facebook scams to watch out for.

    Updated: July 20, 2015

  • Nonsensical Fake-News Story Claims McDonald's Nuggets made from Aborted Fetuses
    According to a report that is circulating rapidly via social media, a McDonald's store in Alabama has been closed after health inspectors found a large collection of aborted fetuses and assorted body parts in rooms underneath the building. The report claims that the owners of the franchise were making their own 'chicken' nuggets out of the aborted fetuses.

    Published: July 20, 2015

  • Beware of Fake Facebook 'Prize' Pages That Claim to Belong to High-Profile Entertainers
    A scammer tactic that has become more common over the last year or so is to create fake Facebook Fan Pages that claim to be associated with various popular entertainers.

    Updated: July 19, 2015

  • How to Respond to Hoax Messages
    How do you respond if you see a social media post or email that you know is a hoax?

    Updated: July 17, 2015

  • Fake-News Report Claims Facebook Set To Ban Religious Posts
    According to a circulating report, Facebook is set to implement new rules that will ban users from posting material that is in any way related to religion.

    Updated: July 17, 2015

  • Capri Sun Mold Warning
    Message circulating virally via social media posts warns parents that mold has been found inside a container of the popular fruit drink Capri Sun. The message induces a photograph of the moldy beverage in a glass.

    Updated: July 17, 2015

  • Macro Virus Threat Returns - Beware Emails With Malicious Word Attachments
    Unsolicited emails with attached 'invoice' or 'payment' Microsoft Word documents ask users to enable Macros to view document contents.

    Updated: July 16, 2015

  • Hot on Hoax-Slayer - The 15 Most Popular HS Stories This Week
    What's hot on Hoax-Slayer this week.

    Updated: July 9, 2015

  • Simon Ashton Email Hacker Hoax
    Message warns that simply accepting an email from a sender called Simon Ashton will allow him to hack your email account as well as the accounts of others on your email contact list

    Published: July 16, 2015

  • Don't Get Caught! Fake Tiffany & Co. Facebook Page Promises Prizes for Liking and Sharing
    This Facebook Page supposedly belongs to famous jewellery retailer Tiffany & Co. The Page claims that you can win fabulous prizes such as a £20,000 diamond ring, a Range Rover, and a £5000 spending spree just by liking and sharing.

    Published: July 16, 2015

  • Six Old Internet Hoaxes That Are Once Again Circulating
    Here we list six tired old hoaxes that are once again circulating the Internet at speed.

    Published: Last updated: July 15, 2015

  • SICK BABY SCAM: '1 Like = 1 Share'
    Circulating Facebook post that features a photograph of a baby with a large surgery scar across his face claims that liking the picture equates to a prayer for the child.

    Published: July 15, 2015

  • 'Cloud Monster' Image
    A rather eerie image that supposedly depicts a strange 'cloud monster ' hovering above hills beside a highway is currently circulating the Internet.

    Updated: July 15, 2015

  • 'Your Company's Debit' Excel Macro Malware
    According to this email, your company has a debit of $35,000. Supposedly, the unidentified sender has 'made all the necessary calculations' and included the information in an attached Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

    Published: July 15, 2015

  • Domain Name Application Scam
    Emails, purporting to be from a domain name registration entity in China, warn that someone is applying to register a series of domain names based on the recipient's brand name or existing domain name.

    Published: July 15, 2015

  • Current Top Five Fake-News Stories
    These days, fake-news 'satire' websites such as National Report, Huzlers and World News Daily Report are responsible for a hefty percentage of the nonsense that plagues our social media feeds and inboxes. Here we list five of the most commonly distributed fake-news stories of the moment.

    Updated: July 14, 2015

  • Audi R8 Facebook Giveaway Scam
    Facebook Page claims that you can win an Audi R8 car just by liking the page, commenting with your desired colour, and sharing a promotional post.

    Updated: July 14, 2015

  • Fake-News: 'Pastor Sentenced to Prison for Refusing to Marry Gay Couples'
    According to several circulating reports, a Christian Pastor in Proctor, Vermont has been sentenced to one year in prison for refusing to marry gay couples.

    Published: July 14, 2015

  • Australia Post Undelivered Package Malware Emails
    Emails purporting to be from Australia Post claim that the delivery of a package to the recipient has failed because of an addressing error or because nobody was home. The messages instruct recipients to open an attached file or click a link to read more information about the package.

    Updated: July 14, 2015

  • HOAX - 'HIV & AIDS Infected Oranges Coming From Libya'
    Circulating message warns that the immigration services of Algeria have recovered oranges from Libya that have been injected with 'HIV & AIDS blood'.

    Updated: July 13, 2015

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