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Lottery scams are one of the most common types of fraudulent email currently hitting inboxes. The LAVIVA LOTTO email shown below is an example of one of these scam emails. Be wary of unsolicited email that informs you that you have won a large sum of money in an international lottery. There is no lottery and no prize. Those who initiate a dialogue with the scammers by replying to the lottery scam emails will eventually be asked for advanced fees to cover expenses associated with delivery of the supposed "winnings". They may also become the victims of identity theft.

Example of LAVIVA LOTTO Scam Email:
Reply and copy same to the company´s email below.

Date: 15th - 07 - 2005
Ref Nr: PBL/CN/6654/CP

Dear promotional Prize Winner,

RE: PROMOTIONAL PRIZE WINNER NOTICE Europe/ America private international e-games organizers and co-sponsors, LAVIVA LOTTO Group International,officially bring to your notice of the final draw result of the 14th July-2005 LAVIVA LOTTO Wheel E-game which was conducted at our international corporate office complex in Madrid,Spain.

We wish to congratulate and inform you on the selection of your email coupon number which was selected among the 45 lucky consultation prize winners.

Your email ID identified with coupon No.PBL2348974321 and was selected by our E-games Random Selection System (ERSS) with entries from the 50,000 different email addresses drawn for the E-game. Your email ID was included among the 50,000 different email addresses submitted by our partner international email provider companies.

You have won a consultation cash prize of US $1,000.000 (One Million US Dollars) only. The LAVIVA LOTTO Group. SP, have approved a payout of your consultation cash prize which will be remunerated directly to you by the official Payment Agency Board. Our DUE PROCESS UNIT (DPU) will render to you complete assistance and provide additional information and processes for the claims of your consultation prize.

For due processing of your winning claim, please contact the DPU Information Officer Mr. Alex Williams who has been assigned to assist you on or before eight days on reciept of this notification.

Contact Info: You are to call Mr.Williams Immediately on his number listed for further instructions accordingly.

Mr.Alex Williams. OR,


Once again congratulations from all our staffs on your promotional prize winning, we hope you will partake in our forth coming LAVIVA LOTTO END OF YEAR -Wheel Email-games.


Mrs. Tasha Anderson.
(Group Coordinator) .

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