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The Best Address in England (Adult Joke)

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Published on 17th August 2010 by Brett M. Christensen

The following joke has circulated far and wide. I include it here simply because I have had a number of messages asking if the supposed address is real. Well, for the record, I can find no mention of a real village called "Erbum" or a town named "Tillet" in Hertfordshire. Moreover, "Hertfordshire" is pronounced "Hartfordshire" in the UK - "harts" not "herts" - which defangs the play on words somewhat.

The photograph used in the joke does show a real English pub called the "Cock Inn". Ironically, this pub is actually located in Hertfordshire, although it can be found in the village of Sarratt, not 'Erbum". In fact, there are a number of "Cock Inns" in the UK.

An example of the joke:
Subject: The Best Address in England Linda Lykes

Google This - itís absolutely true!

The Cock Inn

In the sleepy village of Erbum , in the town of Tillet , Hertfordshire lives a lady by the name Linda Lykes.

She owns the local pub called The Cock Inn.

Her mail is addressed:

Linda Lykes
The Cock Inn

If you don't get it , just keep saying it out loud!

Hertfordshire Pub Guide: The Cock Inn, Sarratt

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