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London Bombing Donations Scam Email

News reports indicate that scam emails related to the London terrorist bombings have already began to circulate, especially in Australia. The emails include logos and images stolen from the British Red Cross website and ask for donations to help bombing victims.

The British Red Cross has not sent any emails asking for donations and is very unlikely to do so. The Australian Red Cross has the following warning on its website:
If you have received an email asking you to donate to the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund, please be aware that this is not an official communication from the British Red Cross.
Those who receive these scam emails are advised to delete them as soon as possible. DO NOT respond to the messages.

Be wary of any email that purports to be from a charitable organization and ask for donations. Earlier in 2005, heartless scammers also used the Asian tsunami as a ruse to extort money from email recipients.

Aussies warned over UK bombs email scam
Red Cross warns of hoax UK bomb donation email

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen