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London Bombings Nigerian Scam

Email claims that the recipient may be entitled to a large sum of money as the next of kin of a person who died in the London bombings.

False (scam)

Example:(Submitted, August 2005)
Dear [Name removed],


Based on the instructions of Her Majesty Queen of England, who directed most fund of money or assets of those that died in the last London Bomb blast should be realized to their families.

I am writing to you for a next of kin beneficiary of our customer who died in the bomb blast as well, he is [Name removed] beneficiary of A/C Number 00414610410 coded Account amount to $3.5 million. Inform us if you are related to this client, to enable us arrange and bring the money to you in your country.

With Regards.

Your responds:-Inform us your Mobile Tel, Fax number, Office Tel, for easy reach. On behalf of our Bank and the Government of Great Britain, We are so sorry for the lost of your relation. Confirm the Receipts of this message by reply mail

Predictably, the London bombings in July 2005 provided fresh material for Internet scammers. The Nigerian scam email included above is just one of many that attempt to capitalize on the terrorist attacks on London. The "next of kin" ruse is one that has been use countless times by Nigerian scammers in the past.

Scams messages such as the one above are designed to trick the recipient into responding. Those who initiate a dialogue with the scammers by replying to the scam messages will slowly be drawn deeper into the scam. Eventually, they will be asked for "advance fees" supposedly required to allow the deal to go ahead. Since they will probably be asked to provide a great deal of sensitive personal information, they may also become the victims of identity theft. For more information about Nigerian scams, see:

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Write-up by Brett M.Christensen