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True but Outdated - 'Man Punching Dog' Protest Message


Viral social media message features an image depicting a man about to punch a dog held against a wall and another image showing the dog buried up to its neck in sand. The message asks that people share the images in the hope that the man can be recognized and arrested.

Brief Analysis

The images are reportedly genuine and were taken in Chile back in 2011. 2012 news reports on the issue indicate that the man was identified and investigated in relation to the acts of cruelty depicted in the images. Further information on the case remains elusive. However, given that the culprit has already been identified and publicly named, the continued circulation of the images is pointless and may cause innocent people with the same name or a similar appearance to be unfairly targeted.


'Man Punching Dog' Protest Message Facebook Post

They can all share this image please, in the hope that this man is recognized and if your face is viral, there are a lot more likely to be arrested. This torture is something we cannot even imagine. PLEASE MAKE THIS MESSAGE CIRCULAR

Detailed Analysis

Circulating Dog Cruelty Images Causing Outrage

A viral social media message depicting a man about to punch a dog he is holding by the throat against a wall is causing outrage as it circulates. The message, which includes a second image of the dog buried up to its neck in sand, asks that people share the pictures in the hope that the man can be identified and arrested for his cruel actions.

Images Are Reportedly Genuine But Abuser Already Identified

According to various news reports, the images are genuine and depict an act of cruelty perpetrated by a man in Chile back in 2011. However, concrete details on the case remain somewhat elusive. Some reports suggest that he was a student at a police school in Chile. Others indicate that he was a soldier or military police officer.

The reports also note that authorities investigated the incident with some suggesting that he was subsequently placed in custody for animal abuse and lost his job in 2012.

Reliable follow-up information about the incident is hard to locate.

Continued Circulation Pointless and Potentially Damaging

Nevertheless, given that the abuser has already been identified, investigated and publicly named in media reports, the continued circulation of the message is pointless. More importantly, due to its continued circulation, innocent people with the same name as the perpetrator or who have a similar appearance may be unfairly targeted.

'Outdated' Warning Sign - 'Man Punching Dog' Protest Message


Last updated: July 7, 2014
First published: July 7, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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