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Hoax - 'McDonald's Coffee Contains French Fry Grease'

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According to reports that are currently making their way around the Internet via social media, fast food giant McDonald's has admitted that its coffee contains french fry grease and is putting up signs in its outlets that warn customers about the additive. The reports suggest that the disclaimer signs are 'popping up' at McDonald's stores because, after conducting an investigation, the FDA now requires the company to disclose the grease additive to its customers.

The reports include a photograph supposedly depicting one of the signs.

However, the claims in the reports are nonsense. McDonald's has not admitted adding french fry grease to its coffee, it is not putting up signs like the one in the circulating image, and the FDA has not issued any announcement on the supposed french fry grease additive.

The report is just a silly hoax. The supposed sign featured in the hoax is a digitally altered version of an earlier hoax image that claimed - falsely of course - that African-American McDonald's customers were required to pay more 'due to a recent string of robberies'. An examination of the two images reveals that they are identical except for the message at the top (see images below).

And, strangely enough, the phone number displayed on the sign actually belongs to the company's fast-food rival, KFC.

Moreover, the suggestion that adding french fry grease to coffee water would heat it instantly and account for hot coffee burns to customers is just plain silly.

For the record, there are no credible news reports about the supposed french fry grease coffee additive.

New Version of Hoax Sign

Old Version of Hoax Sign



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These Signs Are Popping Up At McDonald’s After FDA Cracks Down On Coffee 'Additive'

According to FDA anonymous witness transcripts: 'We are constantly serving hot coffee to customers. Time is of the essence, so the Corporation found a way to heat up the coffee instantly – adding french fry grease to the coffees water during brewing time'.

French Fry Fat in Coffee Hoax Post

'Our coffee contains french fry grease to speed up the heating process. Our grease may be derived from pork lard. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.'

Last updated: July 24, 2015
First published: June 29, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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