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Facebook Hoax - Pay to become Gold Member or All Your Documents will be Made Public

Facebook Charging Hoax

Message circulating on Facebook claims that from tomorrow all of the information that users have published on Facebook will be made public unless they pay a fee of $9.99 (or €5.99) to become "Gold" members or repost the same message on their walls.

Brief Analysis
The message is just another absurd hoax in a long, sad line of absurd hoaxes that falsely claim that Facebook will start charging a fee for usage unless people repost a specified message. And, of course, the added claim that Facebook will make all user information public unless they pay up or repost is equally nonsensical. These messages are juvenile pranks designed to trick Facebook users into making themselves appear foolish by reposting utter nonsense.

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It's now official! It appeared in the media. Facebook has just released its entry-level price : €5.99 to keep the gold subscription and your status to "privacy". If you paste this message on your page, it will be offered for free. I said stick not share! Otherwise tomorrow, all your publications can become public. Even messages that were deleted or photos not allowed. After all, this costs nothing for a simple copy and paste

It's official. Communication media. FACEBOOK has just published its price. fee of $? ($ 9.99), to become a member of "gold" and keep your privacy as it is. If you paste this on your wall will be completely free. Otherwise, tomorrow all your documents can become public. Even those messages that you have deleted or photos that you have not authorized ...... not cost you anything, copy and paste

Detailed Analysis
According to this self-proclaimed "official communication media" message, from tomorrow Facebook users will have to start paying a fee of $9.99 to elevate themselves to "gold" member status and thereby keep their privacy as it is. Alternatively, the message claims, users can avoid this proposed fee and maintain their current privacy settings just by reposting the information on their Walls. But, alas, warns the message, those who do not comply with either of the two options will find that all of the information they have previous published on Facebook - even deleted material - will subsequently be made public.

A new variant apparently aimed at European users claims that the proposed fee will be €5.99, supposedly to "keep the gold subscription".

Of course, there is not even a minuscule thread of truth in this absurd piece of Facebook driven flotsam. In fact, the message is just one more variant in a long line of ridiculous hoaxes that have claim that Facebook or some other online service would start charging if users did not repost a message.

Facebook has no plans to start charging users for normal access to the network. In fact, any such plan would likely be an act of financial suicide for the company. And, even if they did have such a plan, they certainly would not impose the absurd and ridiculous condition that users must pass on a silly status message in order to keep a free account.

For added impact, this variant of the hoax tacks on the mind-numbingly stupid claim that previously private user information will be made publicly available unless users repost or pay. This is apparently a rather lame attempt to panic privacy conscious users into reposting the nonsense on their walls, thereby making themselves look foolish and naive in the eyes of the online friends.

So, if one of these nonsensical messages comes your way, please do not further clutter the Interwebs by reposting it. And, do the poster a favour by gently pointing out that he or she has fallen for a hoax.

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Last updated: September 16, 2013
First published: February 19, 2013
Written by Brett M. Christensen
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