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Michael Jackson Suicide Message Points to Trojan

Email claims that singer Michael Jackson has made a suicide attempt and asks the recipient to click on the link to read more information (Full commentary below.)

False information and link leads to a trojan

Example:(Received, June 2005)
Subject: Re: Suicidal aattempt

Last night, while in his Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson has made a suicidal attempt.

They suggest this attempt follows the last claim was made against the king of pop. 46 years old Michael has left pre-suicid note which describes and interpretes some of his sins.


An email claiming to contain breaking news about singer Michael Jackson is currently hitting inboxes. The email claims that Jackson has attempted suicide and urgers the recipient to click on a link to read more information.

However, clicking the link leads the recipient to a website that attempts to download and install a malicious trojan on the user's computer. According to Sophos, the malicious website displays a message that the site is too busy. However, this is just another trick. While users are waiting to access the "busy" site, malware is being downloaded to their computer without their knowledge. The malware is a variant of the Borobt-Gen trojan.

Jackson's high profile and the current media frenzy surrounding the singer's trial mean that many curious recipients will be lured into clicking the link included in the email.

If you receive this email DO NOT CLICK ON THE INCLUDED LINK.

Michael Jackson suicide spam leads to Trojan horse, reports Sophos

Write-up by Brett M. Christensen