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More Citibank Phisher Scams

Fraudulent emails asks Citibank customers to log into a website and provide sensitive account information.


Example (Submitted, 2004):

Example Citibank Scam Email

This scam email is designed to emulate an official Citibank document. The original arrives complete with an authentic looking Citibank logo. It tries to lure customers to a bogus website by informing them that their accounts may have been tampered with. Recipients who fall for the ruse and use the link in the email may end up providing personal banking details direct to the scammers. The link leads to a bogus website designed to resemble the real Citibank site.

Another amateurish and badly misspelled version (reproduced below) asks the recipient to verify her or his email address.

Like other major financial institutions, Citibank has been the target of phisher scammers a number of times before. You can read about other Citibank scams here.

Dear Citbiank Cleints,

This letter was ssent by the CitibankOnline server to veerify your e-mail adress. You must clpoemte this pocrses by clicking on the link below and enttering in the little window your Citibank ATM/Debit card nummber and card pin that you use on local Atm machine. That is donne for your ptorcetion -B- because some of our membres no lneogr have access to their email adesrseds and we must verify it.

"To veerify your e-mail adress and access your CitibankOnline account, clik on the link below. If ntohing hapnpes when you klick on the link -M copie and passte the link into the adderss bar of your web browesr.

[Link Removed]


Write-up by Brett M.Christensen