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Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Microsoft Word has a lot of keyboard shortcuts that can increase your efficiency.

Here are just a few that I find particularly useful:

Cntrl + C: Copy
Cntrl + V: Paste
Cntrl + X: Cut
Cntrl + Z: Undo
Cntrl + Y: Redo
Cntrl + S: Save
Cntrl + B: Make highlighted text Bold
Cntrl + I: Make highlighted text Italic
Cntrl + K: Insert a hyperlink
Shift + F3: Change case of highlighted text
Shift + F7: Open the thesaurus
F4: Repeat the last action
Cntrl + Shift + >: Increase the size of highlighted text
Cntrl + Shift + <: Decrease the size of highlighted text

Note: Many of these keyboard shortcuts work in other programs as well.

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen