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Naked Girl Window Washer Scam

Email warns recipients of a new scam in which a naked woman distracts drivers while an accomplice steals items from the vehicle (Full commentary below).


Example:(Submitted, March 2005)
Subject: New Scam

This new scam is being pulled mainly on older men. What happens is that when you stop for a red light a young, nude woman comes up and pretends to be washing your windshield. While she is doing this another person opens your back door and steals anything in the car. They are very good at this.

They got me 7 times Friday and 5 times Saturday. I wasn't able to find them on Sunday.

I have thoroughly researched this supposed scam. For the last few days I have driven around town for several hours at a time, very slowly with the back doors of the car unlocked. To give any scammers ample opportunity to perpetrate their heinous deeds, I even kept the vehicle stationary through several traffic light cycles at a lot of intersections. Unfortunately, it appears that this scam is just another urban myth (sigh). However, the exercise did allow me to expand my vocabulary somewhat. Who would have thought that old ladies driving Volvos would use that sort of language???

Write-up by Brett M. Christensen