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Red Bull Car Adverts Money Laundering Scam

Email purporting to be from Red Bull offers to pay the recipient for placing Red Bull advertisements on his or her car.

Hoax - Facebook Shutting Down on March 15

Widespread rumour claims that Facebook will close down for good on March 15, 2012.

False Warning - Red Dot Inside a Red Square On Chocolate Bars Indicates That Product Contains A Pork Derivative

Message warns Muslims that the presence of a symbol comprising a red dot inside a red square on the packaging of some chocolate bars indicates that the product contains gelatin derived from pork.

IT Service Desk 'Scheduled Maintenance & Upgrade' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from "IT Service Desk" claims that, due to a scheduled maintenance & upgrade, the user must reply with his or her email username and password to avoid service disruptions.

Live Ants In The Brain Hoax

Warning claims that people have died after ants have entered their skulls by way of the ears and began eating their brains.

Apple Store Account Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from Apple claims that the recipient must follow a link to verify his or her Apple Store account details within 48 hours or risk having the account deactivated.

Hoax - UNICEF Receives 5 Euros Every Time You Share a Picture

Social Media driven message claims that every time you share a picture included with the message, UNICEF will receive 5 Euros to help starving children in Africa.

Protest Message - Dog Named 'Parrot' Shot by Police

Message circulating via social media decries the public and seemingly unjustified, shooting of a dog named "Parrot" by a police officer.

Inaccurate Protest Message - Poundland and Bodyshop Banning Staff From Wearing Poppies

Circulating protest message claims that UK based stores Poundland and BodyShop have banned their staff from wearing Remembrance Day poppies.

Popular Articles

Abandoned Two Week Old Sydney Baby Prayer Request

Circulating social media message outlines the case of a two week old baby abandoned in a Sydney house. The message asks for prayers for the recovery of the baby and requests that users repost it if they are against child abuse.

Protest Message - Prison Sentence for Spray Painting Poppy on Mosque

Message circulating via social media asks recipients to offer prayers for the recovery of five year old Diego Mendez. According to the message, the child is in intensive care after a TV fell on his head.

Bogus 'Free Items for Participating' Facebook Events

Social media driven protest message cites the apparent unfair disparity in sentences handed out to a Muslim man who defaced a war memorial, another Muslim who burned a poppy at a Remembrance Day ceremony and two non-Muslim men who spray painted a poppy on a Mosque.

Invitation FB Olympic Torch Virus Hoax

Message circulating on Facebook warns users not to open an attachment called "Invitation Fb" because it will launch an "Olympic torch" virus that destroys the hard drive of the infected computer.

Child Abuse Protest Message - Child Being Stepped on Photograph

Facebook driven protest message that features a disturbing image of a small child being stepped on by a grown man, asks users who are against child abuse to "like" and "share" the message.

Boy Shot By Step Dad Charity Hoax

Message claims that, every time a text or social media message is sent on, AT&T, Verizon or Facebook will donate money to help pay for surgery on a 14 year old boy who was shot six times by his stepfather while attempting to protect his young sister.

Image of Police Officer Macing a Child

Circulating message that contains a photograph of a police officer spraying mace at a young girl asks recipients to repost the information in the hope that the officer can be identified and dealt with.

Energy Saver Globe Warning Message - Mercury Exposure Foot Injury Images

Circulating messages that contain graphic images of a severe foot injury claim that the injury was caused by mercury exposure after the victim stepped on a broken energy saving globe (CFL).

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