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Facebook Warning - Applications Sending Porno Messages in Your Name

Message circulating rapidly on Facebook warns that some applications are sending out pornographic messages in your name. The message warns that you should not open any message claiming that someone answered a question about you because it is a virus.

Paypal 'Strange IP from a Different Location' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from Paypal, claims that the customer must verify account information because a "strange ip from a different location" attempted to login and account access has therefore been limited for security reasons.

Lightning Storm Meets Volcanic Eruption Photos

Email forward claims that attached photographs show a lightning storm meeting a large volcanic eruption in Chile.

Thanks Mr Frog, I Owe You One!

Strange how seemingly insignificant incidents can have a profound effect on your life.

Cocoa Mulch Toxic to Dogs Warning Email

Email forward warns that Cocoa Mulch can be harmful to dogs.

Double Dipping Advance Fee Scammers

Advance fee scammers use a seemingly never-ending variety of back stories as vehicles for finding new victims. And, in a related tactic, they often tend to target people that have been previously caught out in such scams.

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Running on water" I don't think so!
Tip of The Week

A great way to get information from many sites across the web is via "feeds". Feeds have been around for quite a while now, but exactly what they are and how they work may still be somewhat obscure to many web users. In a nutshell, feeds allow websites to distribute their content directly to interested readers. By "subscribing" to a feed, readers can choose to have site updates delivered automatically via their chosen feed reader. There are a great many feed reading applications available, a lot of which are free. And modern email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird allow you to grab feeds right alongside your email. Although it may seem a little geeky to some, using feeds is quite easy and almost always completely free. A site's feeds are often identified by the universal orange Feed Icon, just like the one for Hoax-Slayer News Digest that you can see near the top right of this page.

If you would like to find out more about feeds, Google has published a useful overview on its Feedburner website.

Popular Articles

Fish With Hands and Legs Email Forward

Photographs circulating via email and online claim to depict a fish with hands and legs.

Internet Rumour - UNESCO Chooses Indian National Anthem as Best In The World

Message claims that UNESCO has announced that the Indian National Anthem is the best in the world.

Simon Ashton Email Hacker Hoax

Message warns that simply accepting an email from a sender called Simon Ashton ( will allow him to hack your email account as well as the accounts of others on your email contact list.

Cannot Create Windows Folder Named Con

Message claims that not even Microsoft and Bill Gates can explain why it is impossible to create a folder named "CON" on a Windows based computer.

K-9 Congressional Medal of Honor Hoax

Message claims that an attached photograph depicts Brutus, a military K9 that won the Congressional Medal of Honor for saving soldiers in Iraq

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Shark Behind Divers

A worrying situation?

From the Hoax-Slayer Archive

Luck In Love Email Chain Letter

Email claims that bad luck or even death will befall those who do not forward the email to ten other people within three hours of reading it

Sundarbans Ghost Chain Letter

Email that includes an image of a ghostly girl in the Sundarbans claims that bad luck will befall those who do not forward the message.

Rat served in Asian Restaurant Hoax

Email claims that a popular restaurant in the US city of Atlanta has been shut down after the owner was caught accepting shipments of rats and mice to use in meals.

Virtual Card For You Virus Hoax

Email claims that a message with the subject line "A virtual card for you" carries a virus that will destroy the hard drive on the infected computer.

Penny Brown Hoax

Email claims that 9-year-old Penny Brown is missing and urges you to forward the message to others.

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