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Amy Bruce Charity Hoax Revisited

Message circulating via social media claims that 7 year old cancer sufferer Amy Bruce will receive 7 from the Make-A-Wish Foundation every time the information is reposted.

Bob Katter and the 'Labor Party's Worst Nightmare' Polemic

A widely circulated political diatribe that discusses perceived problems with modern Australian social and political life is attributed to conservative independent MP Bob Katter.

Sleazy Online Dating Emails Carry Malware

Series of sleazy emails purporting to be from an adult orientated website, claim that recipients can view photographs of available girls by opening an attached file.

'New Antivirus Update for Windows' Scam Email

Email claims that a new version of "Antivirus 2011 for Windows" is available and urges recipients to follow a link to download the update.

Are UK Companies Required by Law To Transfer 0800 Callers to UK Based Reps If Requested?

Circulating message claims that UK residents who contact a company via a 0800 phone number and find that they are talking to an overseas customer service representative can ask to be transferred to a UK based representative, thereby helping to create more UK jobs. According to the message, there is a law requiring companies to make such a call transfer if requested by a customer.

Western Union 'Money Transfer' Trojan Email

Email purporting to be from Western Union claims that the recipient has "received a remittance" and should open an attached file to access more information about a supposed money transfer.

Australian Taxation Office 'New Rules' Malware Emails

Emails purporting to be from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) claim that new rules for ABN numbers are being introduced and that recipients should follow a link in the message to access more information about the changes.

Popular Articles

Adobe Acrobat Upgrade Phishing Scam Emails

Emails purporting to be from Adobe claim that recipients can download an upgraded version of Adobe products by following links in the messages.

Leptospirosis Death Warning - Rat Urine on Soda Can Top

Email claims that a woman died after catching Leptospirosis from dried rat urine on the lid of a soda can.

Amy Bruce Charity Hoax

Email claims that 7-year-old Amy Bruce is dying of lung cancer and a brain tumour and that the Make-A-Wish Foundation will donate money every time the email is forwarded.

Muslim Sign in Houston Mall Protest Message - The Martyrdom of Imam Ali

Protest email claims that a sign posted on the door of a Muslim owned shop in Houston in September 2009, honoured one of the September 11 hijackers who flew the aircraft into the World Trade Center.

Becoming a Father or Mother Facebook Group Pedophile Warning Hoax

Message circulating on Facebook warns users not to join the group titled "becoming a father or mother was the greatest gift of my life" because it is operated by a group of pedophiles intent on accessing your Facebook photographs.

From the Hoax-Slayer Archive

New US Dollar Notes Preview Hoax

Email claims that a series of attached images depict new US dollar notes, including a $200 bill, that are to be released by the US government.

Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Avowed Satanist Hoax

Message purports to be a transcript of a reporter's interview with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling in which she admits to being an avowed Satanist and writes her books in order to corrupt young minds in the devil's name.

Tampa Bay Beach Sea Monster

Circulating photographs are claimed to depict a strange sea creature found on Florida's Tampa Bay Beach.

Iraq and The Wrath of the Eagle Koran Verse Hoax

Email chain letter claims that a verse in the Koran predicts the US invasion of Iraq.

Jim Neugent - Rude Response from ABC

Email claims that a man named Jim Neugent received a very rude response when he contacted US television network ABC to complain about an episode of "The Practice" which dealt with the possible gay marriage of two of the characters.

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