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A Special Appeal to Facebook Users - Unauthorised Use of Baby Zoe Chambers Photograph

One version of a hoax message that is currently circulating rapidly on Facebook features a photograph of baby Zoe Chambers and her mother Julie. Sadly, Zoe passed away in July 2008. Zoe's mother Julie is extremely upset by this cruel and totally unauthorised use of Zoe's picture.

Advance Fee Scam - 'You Are on the FBI Wanted Persons List'

Message purporting to be from FBI deputy director Timothy P. Murphy, claims that the FBI has gathered information that indicates that the recipient has been involved with many illegal and fraudulent activities and will soon be arrested if he or she does not reply to clear his or her name.

WhatsApp 'Logo Will Turn Red' Hoax

Circulating message claims that smartphone instant messaging application WhatsApp is about to start charging users for service but that this charge can be avoided by sending the same message to ten people.

TalkTalk Service Cancellation Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from UK based internet and telecommunications company TalkTalk claims that the recipient's TalkTalk service will be cancelled unless account details are verified.

Facebook Protest Message Against Casey Anthony Book Deal

Circulating protest message claims that Casey Anthony, reviled mother of murdered two year old Caylee Anthony, is set to make a lot of money via a movie and book deal. The message asks users to boycott any such book or movie.

Fake LinkedIn Email Leads to Pharmacy Spam Website

Email purporting to be from LinkedIn claims that the recipient has been sent a message that they can view by clicking a link.

Animal Mistreatment Protest Message - Firecracker Put In Dog's Mouth

Circulating social media message includes a graphic and disturbing image of a German Shepherd with its face partially blown off after youths placed a firecracker in its mouth. The message asks users to share if they are against the mistreatment of animals.

Hoax - Facebook Will Pay Three Cents Per Share to Help Baby With Facial Cancer Outline

Message circulating on Facebook that includes a photograph of a baby with what appears to be a large growth on his or her face, claims that Facebook will pay three cents to help the child for every time the picture is shared.

'Switch to Pink Facebook' Survey Scam

Message appearing on Facebook claims that users can switch the colour of their profile from blue to pink by clicking a link.

Social Media Driven Hope Barbie Campaign

Messages circulating via social media websites suggest that toymaker Mattel create a "Hope Barbie" with no hair so that so that every little girl that is fighting cancer feels beautiful.

Bogus Warning Claims KiK Messenger is a Hacking Scheme

Circulating social media messages claim that KiK Messenger is a hacking tool or virus that can steal your personal information.

Popular Articles

Facebook 'See Who Viewed Your Profile' Scams - Rogue 'Stalker' Apps

Various messages posted on Facebook claim that, by following a link and installing a Facebook application, you can see who has been viewing your Facebook Profile or find out who has been stalking you.

Gang Initiation Warning Hoax - Infant Car Seat Left On Roadside

Warning message claims that criminals in the UK are placing infant car seats containing fake babies on the sides of rural roads as a means of tricking potential victims into stopping their cars so that gang members can rape and rob them as part of a gang initiation.

What is a Facebook Survey Scam? - Survey Scams Explained

Over recent years, Facebook has been plagued by the type of nefarious scheme that we refer to collectively as survey scams.

Unfounded Facebook Rumour - Thierry Mairot Wants to Talk to Children About Sex

Message circulating on Facebook warns people to watch out for for a man named Thierry Mairot because he is attempting to contact children on Facebook to talk about sex.

Animal Rescue Site Email Forward

Circulating message claims that you can help provide food for abused and neglected animals simply by clicking a button on the Animal Rescue Site.

Hoax Warning: Lost Child Lure - 'New Way for Gang Members to Rape Women'

Circulating message warns that violent gang members are using children who pretend to be lost as a means of tricking women into going to gang houses where they will be raped.

Tanner Dwyer Friend Request Hacker Hoax

Circulating social media message warns users that accepting friend requests from Tanner Dwyer, Christopher Butterfield, Stefania Colac or Alejando Spiljner can allow hackers to access your computer and steal personal information.

Video Of Hero Dog Pulling Another Dog From A Busy Highway

Widely circulated video depicts a dog dragging another dog to the side of a busy road while dodging oncoming traffic.

Padlock on Facebook Home Page Hacker Warning Hoax

Message circulating on Facebook warns users that if they see a "low security" alert with a padlock icon on the top right of their Facebook page, they should ignore it because answering security questions asked by the alert can give hackers access to their accounts.

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