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Misleading Protest Message Decries 'Ban' on Help For Heroes Armbands

Circulating protest message decries the "disgusting and un-patriotic" decision of a UK school to ban the wearing of Help for Heroes armbands by pupils after Easter, 2012.

Chrome Extension Timeline Removal Tip

Message circulating on Facebook explains how to remove Timeline by adding an extension to the Chrome browser.

Pointless and Exploitive 'Share if You Are Against Child Abuse' Facebook Post

Circulating Facebook message featuring a photograph of a little girl with a badly bruised face asks users to share the picture if they are against child abuse.

Little Girl With Huge Belly Facebook Donation Hoax

Circulating message that features photographs of a young girl with a huge stomach claims that Facebook will donate $1 to help the child every time the post is shared. Malware Emails

Messages purporting to be from financial software provider Intuit claim to contain information about a recent order and urge recipient to click a link to download a full invoice.

Friend Request Facebook Ban Warning

Circulating Facebook post warns that users are getting suspended or banned from Facebook because people they have sent friend requests to have clicked "No" in response to the question "Do you know this person?"

'Wolf' Slaughter Protest Message

Message that features a photograph of hunters posing by a small truck filled with animal corpses decries the slaughter of the great wolves and asks that users pass on the picture to help stop the wolf killings.

Arwa Has Now Been Found - Help find Missing Girl Arwa Message

Message circulating via social media posts asks users to help find five year old Arwa who was reported missing in Mumbai India in January 2012.

Updated and Popular Articles

BlackBerry Messenger Resend to Save Account Hoax

Circulating text message claims that BlackBerry Messenger users must resend the information to others or risk having their service deactivated.

Hoax - Nagasaki Arch Survives Both Atomic Bomb and Tsunami

Circulating message claims that attached photographs depict an "arch" in the Japanese city of Nagasaki that somehow survived both the atomic bomb blast of 1945 and the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

Pharmacy Spam Emails Purport to be From YouTube

Emails claiming to be from YouTube ask recipients if the sender can use their photos or videos on a YouTube home page or inform them that their video is "on the top of YouTube".

False Warning - Do Not Add 'Jason Lee' Because Its a Virus

Message circulating via social media warns users not to add somebody called "Jason Lee", "Linda Smith", "Jason Allen" or "Amy Allen" to their friend list because it is a virus. Other versions warns users not to add Raquel Critelli or Kelly Hargrove.

Advance Fee Scam - British National Lottery Promo Programme

Email purporting to be from the British National Lottery claims that the recipient has won 1,500,000 in the British National Lottery Promo Programme.

Strawberry Quick Methamphetamine Warning

Messages warn that a form of strawberry colored and scented methamphetamine dubbed "Strawberry Quick" is being distributed to school children.

Ashley Flores Missing Child Hoax

Email forward claims that 13-year-old Ashley Flores is missing from Philadelphia.

Fake Three Headed Snake Image

Circulating message claims that an attached image depicts a three headed cobra found on a roadway somewhere in India.

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