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McDonald's 'Free Dinner Day' Malware Email

Email purporting to be from fast food giant McDonald's claims that the recipient can print out an attached invitation to receive a "Free Dinner Day" meal on June 26, 2011.

Overblown Facebook Warning: Remove All Profile Pics With Kids

Message warns Facebook users that they should remove any profile picture containing children because people are stealing such pictures and using them in sex advertisements. A later version tacks on an example Facebook page where such activities are supposedly taking place.

Exhibit B-5 Viral Video - Girl Gets Hit By Car After Prank Goes Wrong

A viral video apparently depicts a prank turned deadly in which a young woman gets hit and killed by a car as she runs terrified from her house after a friend poses as a masked intruder.

Sheikh Zayed House Hoax

Message claims that a series of attached images depict, not a hotel as the viewer might first assume, but the vast and luxurious house of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the former president of the United Arab Emirates.

South African Giant Rats Risk Alert

Circulating email claims that an alert has been issued in South Africa regarding a dangerous infestation of African Giant Pouched Rats, which are thought to be responsible for the recent deaths of two young children in townships.

False Warning - Do Not Add 'Jason Lee' Because Its a Virus

Message circulating via social media warns users not to add somebody called "Jason Lee" or Linda Smith to their friend list because it is a virus.

'Dislike Button' Scam Targets Facebook Users

Bogus messages being posted on Facebook claim that users can follow a link to install a "Dislike Button" on their Facebook account.

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Boys floating above the ground with the aid of a gum bubble filled with helium?

Tip of The Week: Online Email Etiquette Tip - DON'T SHOUT!

If you USE ALL CAPS in your email or social media posts, you will immediately make yourself seem inexperienced or ignorant. Most experienced computer users consider the use of all capital letters to be the Internet equivalent of shouting.

For those of us who spend a lot of time hanging out in cyberspace, messages written in all capital letters are reminiscent of trying to hold a conversation in which one person is shouting every word while others are speaking at a normal volume. Also, a message written in all capitals is harder to read. In blocks of text rendered in all capitals, words lose their "shape" because they are all the same height. Each word becomes a uniform rectangle. Most people read and quickly recognize words by looking at their overall shape. We do not read by visualizing words one letter at a time.

Capital letters are best left for their intended usage and, sparingly, to emphasize a particular word or phrase.

This restriction on the use of capital letters might seem silly and you might dismiss it as unimportant. However, using all capitals in your messages will adversely affect how people perceive you online.

Popular Articles

Two Suns - Star Aderoid Hoax

Message claims that the star "Aderoid" will move close to the Earth in June 2010 and will appear as large as the Sun to the naked eye.

July 2011 - 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays

Message claims that July 2011 has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays and that this combination of days only occurs once in 823 years.

Burundanga Business Card Drug Warning

Email warning claims that criminals are attempting to incapacitate women in order to rob or rape them by handing them business cards laced with a powerful drug called Burundanga

Corpus Christi - Gay Jesus Movie Hoax

Protest email claims that an upcoming movie to be called Corpus Christi depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals.

John Gebhardt Holding Injured Baby in Iraq

Email claims that an attached photograph shows airman John Gebhardt holding a little Iraqi girl who was injured by insurgents

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Five Headed Cobra

A cobra with five heads?

From the Hoax-Slayer Archive

Naked Chef Free Cook Book Hoax

Email forward claims that an attached file is a new cookbook from British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver

Serena Williams Interview Hoax

Email message claims to be the transcript of an interview with tennis star Serena Williams in which she states that it is better to date white men than black men

Lauren and the *677 Police Dispatch Cell Phone Number

Email forward describes how a young woman named Lauren avoided being raped by a police impostor in an unmarked car by dialling *677 on her cell phone.

Exploding Cactus Spider Hoax

Email warns that certain kinds of cacti can harbour large tarantula spiders that will be explosively released from the plants when they reach maturity.

HIV Infected Blood in the Ketchup Hoax

Email claims that HIV infected blood has been placed in the ketchup dispensers of fast food outlets

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Editorial - Donít Feed the Trolls

An unfortunate fact of social-media life is that there is certain set of pathetic losers out there who get great enjoyment out of posting inappropriate, offensive and sometime utterly sickening material online with the sole intention of provoking anger and outrage among other web users. These cyber morons also get their jollies out of creating arguments and enmity between social networkers. In my opinion, the best way to deal with these trolls is simply not to feed them. They feed off the anger and angst they create so, if you donít react, they starve. Of course, there are certainly times when responses are required. But, whenever possible, just ignore them. Donít engage, because that is what they want. If you are in a position to do so, simply delete their posts without comment. Otherwise, quietly report them or inform an admin or moderator.
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