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'Your Credit Card is Blocked' Malware Emails

Emails purporting to be from credit card providers claim that the recipient's credit card has been blocked due to a suspicious withdrawal. The messages instruct the recipient to open an attached file to view more detailed information.

Australia Post Undelivered Package Malware Emails

Emails purporting to be from Australia Post claim that the delivery of a package to the recipient has failed because of an addressing error. The messages instruct recipient to open an attached file to read more information about the package.

Bogus Facebook Virus Warning - 'Pornographic Movies Posted On Our Behalf'

Message circulating on Facebook warns that hackers are posting pornographic movies on the walls of Facebook users without their knowledge and that people should not open these movies because they are viruses.

Jordon Mills Prayer Request

Circulating social media message ask users to pray for the recovery of Jordon Mills. According to the message, Jordon is currently in intensive care due to "Chrons" and is in need of a miracle.

Hoax - Collect Bottle Caps For Free Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment

Circulating messages request people to save all types of bottle caps because the caps can be exchanged for free cancer treatment for children.

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Popular Articles

Revamped 'Life Owner' Hoax Uses Name of Real Virus - 'Here You Have It' Hoax Version

Message warns users to watch out for emails with the subject "Here you have it" because they contain a very dangerous computer virus that allows a hacker named "life owner" access to the infected computer. The warning claims that the user will lose everything on the infected computer and that the virus cannot be removed by anti-virus software.

Amy Bruce Charity Hoax Revisited

Message circulating via social media claims that 7 year old cancer sufferer Amy Bruce will receive 7 from the Make-A-Wish Foundation every time the information is reposted.

2011 Date Oddity - Birth Year Plus Age Equals 111

Circulating message notes that if you add the last two digits of your birth year to the age that you will be this year you will come up with 111, a number significant in the year 2011 because it will have four dates that consist of multiples of the number 1, such as 11/11/11.

Facebook 'Virus' Alert - Twilight the Movie Link 'Worst Virus Ever' According to Facebook and CNN

Message circulating on Facebook warns users not to click on a link to a game related to Twilight the Movie "Breaking Dawn" because it has been reported by Facebook and CNN as the worst virus ever.

Plastics Cancer Link Email - Freezing Plastic Bottles - Plastics In the Microwave or Car

Email claims that freezing water or microwaving food in plastic containers or plastic wrap can lead to the consumption of cancer causing chemicals

From the Hoax-Slayer Archive

Google 10th Anniversary Awards Lottery Scam

Email claims that the recipient has won five hundred thousand pounds in a 10th anniversary promotion organized by Internet giant, Google

Nadezhda - Russian Dating Scammer

Unsolicited email claims that "Nadezhda", a "nice young girl from Russia", is interested in you and would like to hear from you with the view to establishing a possible relationship

Karl Marx Quote on Credit Crisis

Quote attributed to Karl Marx apparently quite accurately predicts the current world economic crisis although it is supposedly taken from Marx's book "Das Kapital", which was written in 1867.

Bill Gates High School Speech - 11 Things Kids Will Not Learn in School

Email claims that a list of eleven rules that kids will not learn in school was taken from a recent high school speech given by Microsoft founder Bill Gates

Nokia Giveaway Hoax

Email claims that Nokia is give away a free phone to those who forward the email.

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