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Bogus Verizon Wireless Bill Email Points to Malware

Email purporting to be from Verizon Wireless claims that the recipient's current bill is available online and invites him or her to click a link to view and pay the bill.

Boeing 797 Hoax

Message claims that aircraft company Boeing is set to launch its Boeing 797, a new 1000 passenger jet that sports a radical Blended Wing design. The message features several images supposedly depicting a Boeing 797.

'Switch To Green' Facebook Survey Scam

Message appearing on Facebook Walls claims that users can switch to a green Facebook Profile by clicking a link in the post.

Phishing, Malware and Survey Scam Campaign - 'Click Here To See Attached Photos'

Spam emails invite recipients to "Click here to see the attached photos", "Click here to see the attached video", "Click here to read this message" and other similar messages.

RockMelt Virus Warning Hoax

Message circulating on Facebook warns users not to open any message about a new browser called RockMelt because it is a virus.

Circulated Warning Claims That Superheated Water In Microwave Can Explode

Message claims that a cup of water boiled in a microwave oven can "blow up" and cause injury.

Viral Video Depicts Fatal Smash Between SUV and Truck

Widely circulated message, which features a video showing a horrendous collision between an SUV and a large truck, claims that the footage was captured by a State Trooper's dash cam. The message suggests that the video graphically illustrates the dangers of driver inattention due to texting, reading or other distractions.

Unsubstantiated Warning - Johannesburg Freeways 'Complete Shutdown 25th April'

Circulating message warns that major freeways around Johannesburg South Africa will be deliberately blocked by trucking and logistics companies on 25th April 2012 as a protest against the government's proposed implementation of a new toll system.

Updated and Popular Articles

Miracle in Egypt - Buried Children Saved By Jesus

Email forward tells the story of two Egyptian children who were buried alive by their murderous father but miraculously survived underground for fifteen days with the help of a "man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding wounds in his hands".

Hoax: Facebook to Start Charging This Summer - Facebook Icon Will Turn Blue

Message circulating on Facebook claims that Facebook will soon start charging for access but those who repost the message on their walls will get to keep their free accounts if their Facebook icon turns blue.

Facebook Page Hacker Warning Message - "Visit The New Facebook" Links

Message warns users that have a Page on Facebook to watch out for links with the words "Visit The New Facebook" or "Tour of New Facebook" because following such links will allow a hacker to steal their information and remove them from their own page.

HSBC 'Password Entered Incorrectly' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from UK based banking group HSBC claims that the recipient's account has been suspended because the Internet Banking Password was entered incorrectly three times. The message instructs recipients to click a link to restore account access.

Yahoo 'E-Mail Account Exceeded' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from Yahoo claims that the recipient's email account limit has been exceeded and warns that the account will be suspended if it is not verified within 24 hours

Facebook Account Reported Phishing Scam

Message purporting to be from Facebook claims that the recipient's Facebook account has been reported for annoying or insulting other users and will be disabled if he or she does not confirm account details within 24 hours.

Free Facebook Credits Survey Scam

Message appearing on Facebook Walls claims that the user can get 5000 Facebook credits for free just by following a link in the post.

Question About eBay Item Phishing Scam

Email, purporting to be a question sent via eBay from a potential buyer, instructs the recipient to answer by clicking the "Respond Now" button.

Flu Remedy Myth - Onions Absorb Viruses and Bacteria From a Room

Message claims that leaving onions around a room can absorb the flu virus along with bacteria that cause other illnesses thereby preventing people from becoming sick.

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