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Protests Against Australian Government Proposed Changes to Intelligence and Surveillance Laws

Circulating messages warn about proposed changes to Australia's intelligence and surveillance laws that, if implemented, may significantly impact on the privacy of Australian Internet users.

Wells Fargo 'Security Check' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from financial services company Wells Fargo claims that, in response to a recent security screen, the recipient's account has been limited until more information about the account holder is provided.

Hoax Picture - Obama Holding Phone Upside Down

Widely circulated image supposedly depicts US President Obama holding a phone handset upside down while posing for a photo opportunity.

'eBay Item Not Received' Phishing Scam Email

Email purporting to be from a disgruntled eBay customer claims that an item bought from the recipient has not been received and that the customer will leave negative feedback as a result. The message includes a link that supposedly leads to details about the purchased item.

Missing Teen Alert - Shy'Ann Michelle Renee Wells

Messages circulating via social media claim that 14 year old Shy'Ann Michelle Renee Wells is missing from her Bakersfield, California home and ask that anyone with information about her whereabouts contact Bakersfield police.

Facebook Post - Seven Year Old Shot Saving Mom

Message circulating on Facebook claims that a seven year old girl depicted in an attached photograph was shot six times when she jumped in front of her mother to protect her from the gunman.

Amazon Account Review Phishing Scam

Emails purporting to be from claim that, due to a recent review, access to the recipient's account has been limited until more account information is supplied via an attached form. Some versions ask users to click a link to access the form rather than open an attached file.

'Private Message' Phishing and Survey Scam Emails

Emails with the subject line "Private Message" invite recipients to click a link to read a private message supposedly sent from email address of one of their contacts.

Cranky Old Man Poem

Message circulating via social media and email claims that a touching poem about growing old called "Cranky Old Man" was found in the possessions of an old man who died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in an Australian country town.

New Articles

'Mystery Shopper' Money Laundering Scams

Emails offer recipients part time work as secret or mystery shoppers and promise to send cheques or money orders for them to use in their shopping evaluations. Workers will be instructed to cash the cheques, deduct a percentage as their wage and then "evaluate" a specified service before sending the remainder of the funds back to the "employer" via a cash money transfer.

FBI Arrest Warning Advance Fee Scam

Threatening email claiming to be from FBI director Robert S. Mueller and the "Anti-Terrorist and Monetary Crimes Division" warns the recipient that he will be arrested and jailed if a payment is not sent via a Western Union money transfer immediately.

Hotel Booking Confirmation Malware Emails

Notification emails purporting to be from claim to be hotel room booking confirmations and urge recipients to open an attached file to view reservation details.

'Buddha' Shaped Pears

Circulating message claims that a Chinese farmer has managed to grow pears shaped like baby Buddha figures. The message includes a photograph of the unusually shaped pears still on the tree.

Yacht Launch Mishap

Circulating message features photographs depicting a luxury yacht slipping from its delivery slings and plunging front first into the water while two yacht company representatives cling on for dear life.

Intuit "Payroll Processing Request" Malware Email

"Payroll processing" emails purporting to be from financial software provider Intuit, claim that are large amount of money is about to be withdrawn from the recipient's bank account to cover employee paychecks. The recipient is invited to click a link in the message to download payroll details.

McDonald's 'Mega Promotion Award' Advance Fee Scam

Email purporting to be from McDonald's Spain claims that the recipient has won a large sum of money in the McDonald's Mega Promotion Award and should contact the "Verification Officer" to process the prize claim.

Chase Online 'Unconfirmed Payment' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from Chase Online bank claims the recipient has an unconfirmed payment pending and must therefore follow a link to verify account details or risk having the account deleted.

Facebook Survey Scam - Free $500 Coles Voucher

Message appearing on Facebook claims that Coles is offering free $500 vouchers tor users who click a link in the post.

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