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Pharmacy Spam Emails Pretend to be From Vimeo

Emails purporting to be from video sharing website Vimeo claim that the recipient's video has been approved and that an unread message about the video is available by clicking a link.

'Science Guy' Bill Nye is NOT Dead

Messages circulating via social media posts claims that Science Guy Bill Nye has died.

Baby With Bong Protest Message

Facebook message that features a young woman holding a bong to a baby's mouth asks users to spread the photo so that the woman will not regain custody of the child. Shopping Voucher Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from UK Shop Direct Group's online retailer Very, claims that the company is giving away 50 shopping vouchers and urges recipients to click a "log on" link to activate their free voucher.

Royal Mail "Group Shipment Advisory" Malware Emails

Email purporting to be a shipment advisory from the UK's Royal Mail claims that documents are being shipped to the recipients and that they should open an attached file to view details about the documents.

Does a Circulating Photograph Show the Approach of Tropical Storm Isaac?

Widely circulated photograph that shows a large storm front rolling across the ocean claims that the pictures depicts 2012's tropical storm Isaac.

Hoax - 'Deadly Sanitary Pad' Responsible for 53 Deaths

Widely circulated warning message claims that a "deadly sanitary pad" called DARIES has recently caused 53 women in Johannesburg to bleed to death due to the inclusion of chemicals in the pad's material.

New and Updated Articles

Does a Photograph Show a Massive Spider found in a Manchester UK House?

Circulating message that features a photograph that depicts a very large spider in the corner of a wall claims that the picture was taken in a house in Manchester and that even the fire brigade was too scared to remove it.

Anti Text-Driving Message - Car Wedged Under Truck Image

Message circulating on Facebook that features a photograph of a fatal car accident in which a red car is wedged under a large truck claims that the accident occurred because the driver was texting. The message asks people to share if they are against texting and driving.

Nationwide Phishing Scam Emails

Series of emails purporting to be from UK based financial institution, Nationwide urge recipients to click links in the messages in order to rectify supposed account problems.

Faux Image - Double Sunset on Mars

Circulating image is claimed to depict two suns setting over the Martian horizon as taken from the Curiosity Rover.

Hoax - Giant Killer Snake Found in the Red Sea

Circulating message that features images depicting a gigantic snake on the back of a large military truck claims that the snake was found in the Red Sea after it had killed 320 tourists and 125 divers.

Facebook Survey Scam - Get a Costco Gift Card for Free

Message appearing on Facebook claims that users can get free Costco Gift Cards just by following a link.

Mars, Earth - Closest Approach in Recorded History

The event described did occur back in 2003, but this message is now hopelessly outdated. No such close approach will occur in August 2012.

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