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PayPal 'Refund Pending' Phishing Scam

Message claims that the recipient has a refund pending from PayPal due to a mistakenly applied late payment charge. The recipient is instructed to complete the refund transaction by clicking a link and logging into his or her PayPal account.

Tom Kenny, Voice of SpongeBob Is NOT Dead

Circulating social media posts claim that Tom Kenny, the actor who supplied the voice of much loved children's character SpongeBob SquarePants has died.

Facebook Post Claims Dog Saved Puppies From House Fire

Message circulating rapidly via Facebook that features a photograph of a dog tending to her puppies on a fire truck, claims that the dog, named Amanda, saved her puppies from a burning house while firefighters fought the blaze.

Did Samsung Pay a $1 Billion Fine to Apple in 5 Cent Coins?

Message circulating via social media claims that Samsung paid a 1 billion dollar patent infringement penalty to Apple in 5 cent coins delivered in more than 30 trucks.

Student Finance England 'Payment Cancelled' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from Student Finance England claims that the recipient's student payments may be delayed or cancelled if he or she does not click a link and verify account information.

All-In-One Shopping Voucher Malware

Email claims that several British supermarket chains have collaborated to offer customers an all-in-one shopping voucher worth £30. The email asks users to click a link for more information and to download the shopping voucher.

'Causes' Petition Calling To End Using Dogs As Shark Bait

The link to this petition recirculates periodically, most often accompanied by the photo of a dog with large hooks impaled through its snout. The petition, addressed to ‘the French government’ accuses French Islanders of using live dogs as shark bait and demands the French authorities end the practice. Some versions also link an article from the internet publication The Inquisitr.

Photo Sharing Request for 'Pray For Rosalie'

Photo being circulated shows a young girl in with nasogastic intubation and her mother laying in the bed with her. The photo’s caption implores the reader to share the photo and pray for the child. While not present on the original version, it has also come to be shared with a comment attached stating the Facebook will donate for shares.

Young Football Player Not Allowed to Wear Pink Gloves For Breast Cancer

Protest message claims that 12 year old football player Julian Connerton wished to wear pink gloves in honour of his mother who has breast cancer but was told by his coach that he was not allowed to play while wearing the gloves.

New and Updated Articles

HM Revenue & Customs Income Tax Repayment Phishing Scam

Email, purporting to be from the UK's HM Revenue & Customs, claims that the recipient has paid too much income tax and should follow a link to arrange a refund.

Morgan Freeman is NOT Dead

Pages and posts on Facebook claim that much loved actor Morgan Freeman has died.

NatWest 'Account Locked' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from UK bank NatWest, claims that recipient's bank account has been locked due to incorrect account information and that he or she must therefore click a link to correct the information and regain access.

Misleading Warning about Missed Calls From +375 and +371 Numbers

Message circulating via SMS, social media and email warns you not to return missed calls from numbers starting with +375 or +371 because you will be charged between $15 and $30 for each returned call and your contact list and financial information will be instantly stolen from your phone.

'Catholic Charities Organization' Money Laundering Scam

Email purporting to be from Catholic Charities Organization Malaysia claims that a representative in Canada is needed to receive donation from the "American Region", deduct 10% of each donation as renumeration and send the remainder back to the parent organization in Malaysia.

'Windows Live Update' Sector Zero Virus Hoax

Message circulating rapidly via social media posts and email warns users to watch out for messages with an attached file called "Windows Live Update" because it contains the most destructive computer virus ever.

Killer Piranha Attack Images

Circulating messages featuring gory photographs of blood and bodies at a beach claim that the images depict a vicious piranha attack in South America.

Circulating Image Implies Heineken Supports Dog Fighting

Widely circulated image shows a dog fight with a row of Heineken banners visible in the background.

'Circle of Safety' - Child Stuck in Wheel Well Photograph

Circulating messages urge drivers to perform a "circle of safety" inspection by walking around their vehicles before driving away and use a picture of a small crying child apparently stuck in a vehicle's wheel well as a means of illustrating the potential danger.

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