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ANZ 'Reward for Loyal Customers' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from large Australian and New Zealand bank ANZ, claims that the bank is rewarding its most loyal customers by offering them a gift of $300. Recipients are instructed to click a link and supply login and other personal information to claim their gift.

Chase Paymentech 'Merchant Billing Statement' Malware Email

Email purporting to be from payment processing company Chase Paymentech claims that the recipient can view a Merchant Billing Statement by opening an attached file.

Undertaker - John Cena 'Bloodiest Fight Ever' Survey Scam

Message being distributed on Facebook claims WWE wrestler Undertaker suffered a severe head injury in a fight with fellow wrestler John Cena and invites users to click a link to view a video of this "bloodiest fight ever on WWE'.

Target 'Free Gift Voucher' Survey Scam

Message appearing on Facebook walls claims that users can get a free Target voucher worth $500 by clicking a link in the message.

Fake Tsunami Warning 'News' Report Points to Malware

Email designed to resemble a news report claims that Australian earthquake and volcano experts have predicted that a massive tsunami will hit Australia on New Year's Eve. The message asks recipients to click a button to watch a video about the prediction.

Reserve Bank Of India Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from the Reserve Bank of India claims that all Indian bank customers must update their account details to accommodate a new security system.

More 2012 US Election Dissatisfaction: California’s Prop 37

There have been a number of inquiries emailed to Hoax-Slayer regarding the California’s Proposition 37, its apparent defeat, and claims of voter fraud in light of hundreds of thousands of uncounted votes days past the actual election.

Hoax - Texas Town Adds Sugar to Water Supply

Messages circulating via social media, blogs and forum posts claim that a town in Texas has added sugar to its water supply in an effort to encourage residents to drink more water.

US States Petition For Secession

Posts are currently being shared that include links to petitions and indicate a signature on those petitions will support certain states’ efforts to secede from the United States.

New and Updated

Suncorp Bank '1 Unread Message' Phishing Scam

Message purporting to be from Australian financial entity Suncorp, urges recipients to click a link to view an unread message in their online banking account.

Hoax - Facebook Shutting Down on January 15, 2013

Widespread rumour claims that Facebook will close down for good on January 15, 2013.

Better Business Bureau 'Complaint Received' Malware Emails

Emails purporting to be from the Better Business Bureau claim that a complaint has been received about the recipient. The recipient is advised to click a link or open an attachment and provide a response or risk cancellation of BBB accreditation status.

Another Pointless Facebook Warning - Hackers Posting Insulting Messages In Your Name

"Hacker alert" circulating on Facebook claims that, without your knowledge, hackers are posting insulting messages that appear to come from you on the walls of your friends.

Woolworths 'Customer Satisfaction Survey' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be a "Customer Satisfaction Survey" from Australian supermarket chain, Woolworths claims that the recipient can receive a $50 gift certificate just for clicking a link and participating in a short 5 question survey.

Padlock on Facebook Home Page Hacker Warning Hoax

Message circulating on Facebook warns users that if they see a "low security" alert with a padlock icon on the top right of their Facebook page, they should ignore it because answering security questions asked by the alert can give hackers access to their accounts.

DEW Bottled Water Fatal Poisoning Hoax

Circulating message warns consumers not to drink any bottled water called "DEW" because it contains a poisonous chemical that has already killed 180 people in Nigeria.

Miracle in Egypt - Buried Children Saved By Jesus

Email forward tells the story of two Egyptian children who were buried alive by their murderous father but miraculously survived underground for fifteen days with the help of a "man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding wounds in his hands".

Postcard Image Virus Hoax

Warning message claims that an email with an attachment entitled "POSTCARD" or "POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK" will destroy the hard drive of the infected computer and has been classified as the most destructive virus ever.

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