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Australian Power & Gas 'Payment Receipt' Malware Emails

Email purporting to be from Australian Power & Gas claims that recipients can review details of a recent credit card transaction by opening an attached file.

Gmail 'Update Account' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from webmail provider Gmail claims that recipients must click a link to verify their accounts and update information or risk having the accounts permanently deleted.

Holiday Horrors Are Common Seasonal Decorations Toxic?

As every year comes to a close, persistent rumors make their annual appearance regarding the lethality of the common holiday plant, the Poinsettia. While largely overblown, there are other common seasonal decorative plants that are far more of a hazard to your 2- and 4- legged charges.

Facebook 'Site Governance' Email is Legitimate

A site governance email discussing proposed updates to Facebook Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and inviting users to visit the Facebook Site Governance Page is currently being sent to Facebook users.

RapidFax Malware Email

Email purporting to be from fax to email service RapidFax claims that a received fax can be viewed by opening an attached file.

Giant Table and Chairs Horse Shelter Photograph

Message featuring a photograph of horses sheltering under a giant table and chairs claims that the horse owner built the massive furniture after he was denied council permission to build a more traditional horse shelter.

Facebook 'Pirates' Fraud Warning

Circulating message warns of a new type of fraud on Facebook in which "pirates" copy profile photos, use them to create bogus accounts and then send friend requests in the name of the victims.

'Assistance Internet' Email Account Phishing Scam

Email claiming to be from an organization called "Assistance Internet" claims that all email account holders must verify their accounts by replying with their account details and other personal information.

Jetstar 'Flight Itinerary' Malware Email

Email purporting from Australian airline Jetstar, claims that recipients can view a flight itinerary by opening an attached file.

New and Updated Articles

Starbucks Lack of Support For Iraq Troops Rumor

Message claims that Starbucks refused to donate coffee to Marines stationed in Iraq (or British Royal Marines stationed in Afghanistan) because the company does not support the war.

Facebook Survey Scam - Free Bunnings Gift Card

Message appearing on Facebook claims that users can get a free Bunnings Warehouse Gift Card valued at $500 by clicking a link in the post.

Plea to Help Find Homes for 52 Thoroughbred Horses

Circulating messages ask recipients to help find new homes for 52 thoroughbred horses that must be rehoused urgently due to the death of their owner.

Wrestling Star John Cena is NOT Dead

Circulating social media message claims that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star John Cena has died of a head injury while practicing a wrestling stunt with a WWE co-star.

Leptospirosis Death Warning - Rat Urine on Soda Can Top

Email claims that a woman died after catching Leptospirosis from dried rat urine on the lid of a soda can.

Egg Windshield Attack Robbery Warning

Message warns drivers that roadside criminals are throwing eggs at the windshields of passing cars in the hope that the drivers will be forced to pull over due to obscured vision and therefore become vulnerable to robbery.

Bogus Prize Offers on Facebook - 'Like and Share To Win'

Various messages distributed on Facebook claim that users can win expensive prizes such as Apple products or designer headphones just by liking and sharing a Facebook Page

Completely Pointless and Misleading 'Facebook Privacy Notice'

Message circulating on Facebook advises users to publish a "Facebook Privacy Notice" as a means of stopping the public use of material they post on the network.

Absurd Warning - 'LOL' stands for 'Lucifer Our Lord'

Messages circulating via social media advise users to stop using the abbreviation "LOL" because it stands for "Lucifer Our Lord' and including it in messages is actually endorsing Satan.

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