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Sylvester Stallone is NOT Dead

Messages circulating via social media claim that actor Sylvester Stallone has died in a snowboarding accident.

Facebook Trialling Option to Pay to Directly Inbox Non-Friends

Plans by Facebook to provide an option for users to pay to send a message to non-friend inboxes, do NOT validate old "Facebook charging for access" hoaxes in any way.

Love Desire Facebook Group 'Virus' Warning

Message circulating via Facebook claims that a fast spreading virus is adding people to a Facebook Group called "Love Desire" without their knowledge.

Circulating Post Recommends Wasp Spray As A Substitute for Pepper Spray

For several years, an email or social media post circulates recommending that women use wasp and hornet spray as a substitute for pepper spray. This is typically based on the claim that wasp spray is cheaper and just as debilitating as pepper spray. Neither of those claims is always true, aside from the fact that using wasp spray as a self-defense tool may subject you to legal penalties.

Kate Curry Missing Child Alert - Kate Has Now Been Found

Message circulating rapidly on Facebook asks users to share a photo of missing 13 year old Kate Curry in the hope that someone has information on her whereabouts.

Facebook 'Pirates' Fraud Warning

Circulating message warns of a new type of fraud on Facebook in which "pirates" copy profile photos, use them to create bogus accounts and then send friend requests in the name of the victims.

Outdated Missing Child Alert - Duncan Craig Bennell Has Been Found

Widely circulated social media message asks recipients to watch out for a child named Duncan Craig Bennell, who it claims was kidnapped from a primary school in Western Australia.

New and Updated Articles

St.George Bank Phishing Scam Emails

Emails, purporting to be from Australia's St.George Bank, claim that the recipient needs to click a link to login to his or account in order to update information, retrieve messages, or rectify specified problems with the account.

Coconut Crab Photographs

Email claims that attached photographs depict a very large type of crab called the Coconut Crab because of its ability to crack coconuts with its strong claws.

FedEx Incorrect Delivery Address Malware Email

Emails purporting to be from delivery company FedEx claims that a package en route to the recipient has been returned due to an addressing error and that he or she must open an attached file or follow a link to print a mailing label in order to receive the package.

Does Rubbing Vicks VapourRub on Your Feet Relieve Coughing?

Widely circulated message claims that rubbing Vicks VapourRub on the soles of your feet can stop coughing 100% of the time.

Tanner Dwyer Friend Request Hacker Hoax

Circulating social media message warns users that accepting friend requests from Tanner Dwyer, Christopher Butterfield, Stefania Colac or Alejando Spiljner can allow hackers to access your computer and steal personal information.

Spurious First Aid Advice - Flour For Treatment of Burns

Widely circulated message recommends covering burns with plain flour as a first aid treatment and claims that the "miraculous" remedy will stop the burn from blistering.

Mickey Rourke Did NOT Die in A Snowboard Accident

Messages circulating via social media claim that actor Mickey Rourke has died in a snowboarding

Do Circulating Images Show Puppies being 'Guarded' by a King Cobra?

Circulating messages that feature photographs depicting two puppies apparently trapped in a well with a large cobra snake as company claim that the snake was in fact guarding the dogs from harm until they could be rescued.

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