HOAX - 'Justin Bieber Admits To Being Bi-Sexual'

Circulating report claims that pop star Justin Bieber has admitted via Twitter that he is bisexual. The report features a screenshot of a supposed Twitter post that features an image of Bieber kissing singer Austin Mahone.

PHISHING SCAM - 'Click to Read Vital Newsletter'

Email claims that the sender has uploaded a vital newsletter using Google Docs and requests that recipients click a link to gain immediate access by signing in with their email address details.

HS News Digest 68

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RingCentral 'New Fax Message' Malware Email

Email purporting to be from Internet fax service RingCentral claims that the recipient has a new fax message that can be viewed by opening an attached file.

LIKE-FARMING SCAM - 'Wife Pregnant for 13 Months Needs Prayers'

Circulating Facebook message claims that a South African woman who has been pregnant for 13 months is about to have an operation and needs prayers. Users are asked to share the message and type 'Amen' as a comment. The message features a photograph of a heavily pregnant woman.

'New Voicemail' Pharmacy Spam Email

Notification email purporting to be from messaging service Viper claims that the recipient has a new voicemail and can click a "Listen" button to hear the message.

UNSUBSTANTIATED - Facebook Warning About Morphine in Chocolate Chick Smarties

Viral Facebook message describes a case in which a child became seriously ill after eating Smarties from a chocolate chick and was later found to have morphine in his body.

HOAX: '2 Suns In The Sky On April 21st - Star Meccyroid'

Circulating report claims that the star Meccyroid will pass close to earth on April 21st 2014, resulting in the appearance of two suns in the sky over a 9-hour period.

Facebook Promotion, Lottery and Award Scams

Messages purporting to be from Facebook claim that users have won a large sum of money in a supposed Facebook related promotion, lottery or award.

April Fools Joke - 'United States to Ban Raw Meat Sales'

News snippet circulating via social media claims that the United States is set to ban raw meat sales as a means of ensuring that only pathogen free meats are sold to the public.

iTunes Purchase Receipt Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from the iTunes store lists orders supposedly made via the user's Apple account. The email informs users that, if they suspect that their account has been hijacked, they should click a link and supply information to rectify the issue.

HS Digest

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Issue 68

Dwayne Johnson is NOT Dead

Circulating report claims that popular actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has fallen from a cliff and died while filming in New Zealand.

Nails in Cheese Dog Park Warning Message

Circulating social media message featuring an image depicting pieces of cheese with nails embedded in them warns that such booby-trapped dog treats are the latest trend in dog parks.

Product Order Request Money Laundering Emails

Emails sent to various companies or product providers ask recipients to reply with details of the available products with a view to a future order.

Capitec ‘Routine Maintenance’ Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from South African bank Capitec claims that users must confirm their online access as part of routine maintenance to ensure online safety.

MALWARE - 'Confidential - ALL Employees Important Document'

Email purporting to be a confidential message from the recipient's employer claims that all employees must fill out and submit an important document contained in an attached file.

SCAM - 'Flight MH370 Found in Indian Ocean Shocking Video'

Circulating Facebook post claims that lost Flight MH370 has been found in the Indian Ocean. The message features a teaser screenshot of an intact passenger aircraft crashed in the water and invites users to click the image to view a 'shocking video'.

Lamborghini Giveaway Facebook Like-Farming Scam

Facebook message claims that an associated Facebook Page is giving away ten Lamborghinis. According to the message, all users need do for a chance to win is like and share the post and comment with their desired car colour.

Barclays 'Detected Irregular Activity' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from UK bank Barclays claims that irregular activity has been detected on the recipient's account and the account will therefore be restricted until the activity is verified.

MALWARE - 'Traffic Accident With Your Car' Email

Email claims that the recipient 'hurt' the sender's car in a traffic accident and urges him or her to view photos of the accident by opening an attached file.

HOAX - 'British Scientists Clone Dinosaur'

Report circulating via social media claims that scientists at the UK's John Moore University have successfully cloned a dinosaur. The report features a picture that supposedly depicts the cloned baby dinosaur.

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Facebook Sick Child Hoax - 'Help Boy with Massive Tumour by Liking, Sharing and Commenting'

Facebook post that features a picture of a boy with a very large tumour on his side claims that Facebook and CNN will donate money each time a user likes, shares or comments on the picture.

'Homicide Suspect' Malware Email - Fake Critical Reach Alert

Message purporting to be from community alert system Critical Reach claims that recipients can read a bulletin about a homicide suspect by opening an attached file.

TRUE - Razor Blades Found on Playground Equipment in East Moline

Circulating social media post warns that a young child was hurt after he unknowingly grabbed a razor blade attached to playground equipment at a park in East Moline, Illinois.

Spurious Health Claim - 'Asparagus Can Cure Cancer'

Long circulated Internet message claims that pureed asparagus can cure cancer. The message cites several cases as examples. It claims that the information came from one Richard R. Vensal, D.D.S. and was printed in the 'Cancer News Journal' back in December 1979.

Google Drive Email Phishing Scam

'Urgent' email requests recipients to click a link to view a document that the sender uploaded using Google Cloud Drive.

Eerie Pre-911 Ad for Pakistan International Airlines Features Twin Towers with Plane Silhouette

Circulating message features an old paper advertisement for Pakistan International Airlines that includes an image of New York's Twin Towers with the shadow of a passenger jet on the faces of the buildings.

Like-Farming Video Scam - 'Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Found in Forest'

'Breaking News' message circulating on Facebook claims that the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has been found. The message features a video teaser image depicting a plane crashed on a dirt roadway beside a forest.