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Six Old Internet Hoaxes That Are Once Again Circulating

Some Internet hoaxes die a natural death quite quickly. Others are seemingly immortal and keep getting resurrected over and over again.

Here we list six tired old hoaxes that have once again gained momentum in recent weeks.

  1. Completely Pointless and Misleading 'Facebook Privacy Notice'
    Outline Message circulating on Facebook advises users to publish a 'Privacy Statement' as a means of stopping the public use of material they post on the network. The latest 'better safe than sorry' version mentions Channel 13 News as a source.

  2. Hoax: Facebook to Start Charging This Summer - Facebook Icon Will Turn Blue (Or Gold)
    Message circulating on Facebook claims that Facebook will soon start charging for access but those who repost the message on their walls will get to keep their free accounts if their Facebook icon turns blue or gold.

  3. UNFOUNDED - 'Kinder Joy Contains Wax Coating That Can Cause Cancer'
    Circulating warning claims that children's chocolate treat, Kinder Joy contains a wax coating that can cause cancer. It further claims that Styrofoam containers also have a wax coating.

  4. Hoax Warning Claims 'Bompie' Brand Frozen Juice Has Killed 180 People
    According to a message that is circulating rapidly via social media, SMS, and email, you should not buy a frozen juice brand called 'Bompie'.

  5. HOAX - 'Cosmic Rays Entering Earth From Mars'
    Circulating message warns that potentially dangerous cosmic rays will be entering the Earth from Mars between 10:30 pm (or 12:30 am) and 3:30 am tonight and users should switch off their mobile devices. The message claims that the information comes from BBC News.

  6. Hoax - Eating Shrimp and Taking Vitamin C Can Cause Death by Arsenic Poisoning
    Circulating health message warns recipients not to eat shrimp or prawns while taking vitamin C because it can cause a chemical reaction that can lead to sudden death by arsenic poisoning.



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Old Hoaxes Returned

Last updated: July 16, 2016
First published: July 15, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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