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Viral Video - Pacific Sun Cruise Storm Footage

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Published on 15th October 2010 by Brett M. Christensen

I have recently received several enquiries about a viral video that depicts the effects of a storm on board a cruise ship. The footage shows the uncontrolled, back and forth sliding of passengers, crew and furniture apparently as large waves strike the vessel. Some have suggested that the video is fake.

However, the footage is genuine. The video is CCTV footage of the effects of a storm that hit P&Os Pacific Sun cruise liner about 650 kilometres off the coast of New Zealand in July 2008. A September 2010 news article about the video published in the Sydney Morning Herald notes:
The impact of massive waves that struck a cruise ship during a storm off New Zealand have been revealed by CCTV footage posted on the internet.

The Pacific Sun, carrying 1732 passengers and 671 crew, was caught in a severe storm on July 30, 2008, encountering seven-metre swells and 50 knot winds.

CCTV footage appeared on the internet this week showing furniture and passengers being thrown across the interior of the ship by massive waves.
Forty two passengers were injured in the event. After a subsequent investigation into the incident, P&O implemented changes that included the "securing of furnishings and providing bridge staff with night-vision binoculars".

Although the footage was taken back in 2008, it is apparently only in 2010 that the video "went viral" and began circulating rapidly around the Internet.

Subject: FW: Anyone for a Cruise??

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