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'Pieces of iPad' Giveaway Facebook Scam

Message being shared across Facebook claims that a particular Page is giving away 193 "pieces of iPad 2" to users who share an image and like the Page.

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Brief Analysis
The Page is not giving away iPads as claimed. There are no prizes and no winners. The message is a scam designed to promote a Facebook Page and accumulate as many Page likes as possible.

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We have got 193 pieces of iPad 2 that can’t be
sold because they have been unsealed. Therefore
we are giving them away for free. Want one of
them? Just Share this photo & Like our page and
we will choose 193 people completely at random
on 31st October 2013
=>[Link to Page Removed]

60 winners selected still 133 remaining share,
like, comment(done) and you could be the next one

Common Hurry up Guys ..

Pieces of iPad

Detailed Analysis

According to a message that has been circulating Facebook in various incarnations for several months, a particular Facebook Page is giving away 193 iPads to users willing to share a promotional image and like the Page. The message claims that, because the iPads have been unsealed, they cannot be sold and the promoters have therefore decided to give them all away.

Participants are urged to enter before the end date specified in the message and are asked to comment with the word "done" after liking the Page and sharing the material.

However, the supposed giveaway is a like-farming scam. There are no winners and no iPads are being given away. The bogus giveaway is an underhand tactic used by unscrupulous Facebook Page owners to promote their Page and garner large numbers of likes.

The same fake giveaway message has been used to promote several different business Pages.  Such fake promotions can be an effective marketing tool for those unethical enough to use them.  By liking, sharing and commenting, users are effectively promoting the target Page to all of their friends. Pages that use the tactic can collect thousands of likes in just a few days.

The "unsealed products" story is apparently a favourite among like-farmers. Do not trust any message that claims that costly items are being given away because the packaging has been opened. Companies are not likely to giveaway thousands of dollars worth of products just because they have been unsealed.  The concept is simply absurd.

Often, as in this case, the tactic is used to raise the profile of an existing business or service. In other cases, the goals are to collect large numbers of likes so that the Page can be used to launch survey scams or other types of fraudulent activity. In some cases, the Page may be sold on the black market to other scammers.

Like-farming scams are now very common on Facebook. Be wary of any Page or message that claims that you can receive an expensive prize just by liking, sharing or commenting. Do not aid the unethical users who create these bogus giveaways by liking, sharing or commenting on their material. And, if such a message comes your way, please let the poster know that the message is a scam.

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Last updated: October 29, 2013
First published: October 29, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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