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Six Genuine Images That Are Often Mistaken For Hoaxes

Amid the endless parade of fake and photoshopped images that float around the Internet, there are a often a few unusual photographs that may seem rather improbable at first glance but are actually genuine.

Here we list six circulating stories that feature real images that are often prematurely dismissed as fake.

  1. Circulating Image Depicts Fisherman With Massive Catfish
    An image going viral via social media depicts an extremely large catfish along with the fisherman who caught it.

  2. Eerie Pre-911 Ad for Pakistan International Airlines Features Twin Towers with Plane Silhouette
    Circulating message features an old paper advertisement for Pakistan International Airlines that includes an image of New York's Twin Towers with the shadow of a passenger jet on the faces of the buildings.

  3. Cool chick look at laptop

  4. Giant Rabbit Photographs
    Email claims that attached photographs of a very large rabbit show a breed of rabbit called German Giant.

  5. Beer Can Filled Townhouse Photographs
    Email forward claims that attached photographs show a Utah townhouse filled with 8 years worth of beer cans.

  6. Weasel On the Back of a Woodpecker Image
    A rather compelling image, which depicts a weasel perched on the back of a flying woodpecker, has the interwebs all aquiver.

  7. Coconut Crab Photographs
    Email claims that attached photographs depict a very large type of crab called the Coconut Crab because of its ability to crack coconuts with its strong claws.


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Last updated: July 25, 2015
First published: July 25, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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