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How to Remove Previous Email Addresses in Email Forwards

Before you forward an email, it is important to remove all previous email addresses from the message. Otherwise, the email addresses of all previous recipients of the message will be included in the email. If the email is continually forwarded without these addresses being removed, dozens or even hundreds of addresses can accumulate. This list of addresses can eventually be collected and used by unscrupulous people to send spam messages.

However, you can counteract this problem, and help to reduce spam, by simply removing previous email addresses before you forward the message. Removing the addresses is extremely simple and can be completed in just a few seconds.

The short tutorial below explains how.

Step 1:

Click the Forward button:

Forwaded email showing addresses to remove

Step 2:

Drag your mouse across any names and addresses from previous forwards to highlight them:

Highlight addresses to be removed

Step 3:

Hit the Delete Key:
Delete the addresses

And that is all there is to it! Unfortunately, many people do not carry out this very quick and simple procedure, thereby indirectly contributing to the growing problem of spam. To further protect the privacy of your friends and family, you should also use Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) when forwarding an email to multiple recipients.

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