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Is Facebook Trying to Get Users to Remove a Nativity Scene Picture?


Widespread protest message warns that Facebook is trying to get users to remove a circulating Nativity Scene image because it may be offensive to some viewers.


The claims in the message are false. There is no evidence of any kind to back up the claim that Facebook is trying to get the picture removed. In fact, thousands of religious orientated images are posted on Facebook every single day with nary a squeak of protest from Facebook. There is no reason why this particular image should be treated any differently by Facebook then the thousands of other such images that regularly circulate on the network. In other words, Facebook does not care in the slightest if you post the picture or not.

Of course, if the copyright holder of the artwork specifically requested its removal from the network, then Facebook might well remove it on legal grounds. However given that the picture has circulated far and wide for more than a week and continues to do so, then it is clear that Facebook has NOT taken any action to remove it because of a copyright breach, or any other reason.

Sadly it appears that the false claims in the message are nothing more than the work of attention seeking likewhores intent on having their page stats boosted by tricking people into continually sharing the image.

Reposting such nonsense does nothing more than cater to the sick desires of unscrupulous and immoral individuals who will stoop to any depths to gain more likes and shares for their material. Don't give them, what they want.


Nativity Scene Protest Message

Facebook is trying to get folks to remove this picture from their profile because it is 'offensive'. Let's band together and prove them otherwise!!!!

Last updated: December 22, 2012
First published: December 22, 2012
Article written by Brett M. Christensen
Research by David White, Brett Christensen
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